The Great Protein Fiasco


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  • 2:56 Looks like Evolutionary Nutrition is about as sound a 'science' as Evolutionary Psychology (which is also a load of horse crap.) It's amazing how many 'scientists' can invent imaginary cavemen scenarios to support whatever modern cultural bias they have.

  • So according to video (Gregor), 180 lb person needs 70 grams protein per day.  I've eaten vegan, and 70 grams protein from vegan food is not easy.  

    Plus he doesn't tell you that as people get older i.e. 60s+, they tend to lose muscle mass and a little more protein is helpful for this.

  • Most adults need between 45 and 55 grams of protein per day. That is it. I heard somebody talking in my dietician course that this one girl said her daily requirements were 85 gram of protein per day. I'm like "WTF?" That's insanity! Americans are so stupid. I'm ashamed to be American.

  • .8 gram per kilogram is adequate IF and ONLY IF The PER of the protein is near one which it is for eggs, meat or soy. Most plant food has a PER of .77 and that doesn't even consider the lysine requirement. Your best bet is to calculate your lysine requirement and every other amino acid falls in place. If based on ideal weight you need 60 gram of protein (using .8 grams per kilogram) you'd need near 80 gram of plant protein other than soy to get the minimum required lysine as well as an effective 60 gram of protein if based on a PER of one.

  • Question: Mainstream science seems to suggest that humans' brains grew in size and intelligence once we could cook meat, hence, making it easier to digest and release its nutrients more easily, allowing our bodies and brains to evolve to their present state. Without the protein in animal meat (and being able to cook that meat), how did we evolve to becoming such adroit, resilient, intelligent beings?

  • People need to realize that pure sugar might not be best for you, but if they think thats bad, why don't they stay away from oil? how about protein powder? They are the same thing of a different macronutrient. unnecessary and not good for you! Whole foods is the best, most balanced natural way 😀

  • I would rather go by the percentage of protein calories in my food. Human breast milk is about 2% of the total calories, sounds right for humans. If you go by the RDA then I would be consuming 100 grams of protein a day, forget that if I want to keep my kidneys and bones as I try to gracefully age, 100 grams would be crazy. The FDA's recommendations have been industry skewed from the beginning.

  • a 3kg baby should eat 550gr of milk a day, about 5,5 gr of protein , which is about 2g of protein per kg of lean mass (maybe a little more) ….. thats a lot of protein of high quality .. we need to see things in prospective …

  • Let's talk about the failures of veganism
      1st of all modern fruits are full of sugars, totally unlike their ancient ancestors which were small almost bitter and only ripened for about a month of the year vs modern fruit which available 24/7/365 which is not natural
      2. vegan diets are typically deficient in healthy ratios of fats/proteins/carbs
       3. Most vegans look like they never lifted anything heavier than a potato
       4. hormonal imbalances tend to occur in female bodies
      5. altough young, active growing bodies can tolerate high carbs older less active bodies do less well on high carbs
    6. Vegans seem to think that plants like to be eaten. No No No! All plants contain a variety of toxic substances to discourage their being eaten. DYK that caffeine is actually an insecticide? DYK most veggies, especially the leafy ones, contain oxalates which can contribute to kidney stones? DYK that juicing increases n concentrates these toxic substances? "Oh no whee-ohh we're saving the planet aren't we"😭
    7.There's too much more to mention here…

  • If one is to accept the percentage of protein in human breast milk as the percentage of protein adults should consume, what about the percentage of fat in human breast milk? Is that also the suggested amount for adults? Probably not because it would go against low fat vegan beliefs. In other other words, just because specific percentages of protein and fat are adequate for a baby, one can't extrapolate that those same percentages are ideal for adults.

  • This channel is obviously not for people that are very active in the gym as well as lead an active lifestyle. I subscribed last week and now unsubscribing. This is very bad advice for anyone that incorporates resistance training into their exercise routine. If you're a couch potato…maybe not. I would suggest Rhonda Patrick if you are a very active person.

  • Using an human infant is not predictive for an adult human. If this were so and a basis for recommendations then adults should consume the majority of their calories from fat. I am sure Dr. Greger would say whey.

  • At what age does our brain grow fastest ? Before the Age of One while breast feeding on Mother's milk which has the least amount of PROTEIN of all mammals ! So if you want to have a big brain, don't eat protein. Eat Carbs (7% of milk is carb) and fat (3-5% is fat) and water (>90% is water).

  • Taking in more than the RDA recommendations will NOT harm the kidneys or liver in people with normal functioning organs. Please anybody find me 1 Study that demonstrate this, that protein will be the sole cause. I bet nobody will be able to find it

  • I tried a "low" protein diet (0.5 grams per lbs) while I was weightlifting for many hours per week and the effects on my body were horrifying. After increase the amount of protein I was consuming my body and my energy rapidly improved.I guess everyone is different.

  • I hear lots of people making claims that they run out of energy if they don't eat enough protein, and they carry protein bars with them to avoid fatigue….that never really made sense to me, but the number of people who swear by that is large. As far as an athlete's need for protein, the claims made seem way too high. One thing to keep in mind with athletes is that even those who are doing extreme workouts for maximum gains in muscle, they can only add about a thimble full of muscle per day on their entire bodies. That is not very much protein, because most of that added muscle is water. The idea seems to be, that if you don't have very high levels of amino acids from food in your blood 24/7, then you will not be able to achieve maximum gains in the shortest time. Of course, performance enhancing drugs can dramatically increase the protein utilized for building tissue and that would increase the body's need for protein. In either case, it seems unhealthful, or even dangerous, long term.

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