The Evidence That Salt Raises Blood Pressure

Rather than reformulate their products with less sodium and save lives, food manufacturers have lobbied governments, refused to cooperate, encouraged …


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  • Japanese eat 3x-4x the salt of Americans and live 4 yrs longer on average. The type of salt is important because whereas MSG is a bad form, Himalayan salt with trace minerals is a beneficial form. Salt is a necessary nutrient and you'll die without it.

  • My I have hypotension when avoiding salt. My BP goes from 95/65 down to 84/44. I cannot avoid salt! I add it to my water too including electrolyte fizz.

  • there is 0 evidence of salt intake and blood pressure, this guy is a schlock, you need a balance of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, state your sources then if you are so convinced..

  • Very interesting! I wonder if the near absence of oil is also a contributing factor?
    That rice diet wasn't very oily, right? And the Yanonamo people – I got the impression that theirs was also a low fat diet. I support the salt theory, I just wonder about the role of oil.

  • Once again just a little bit of crap here. Real salt like Himalayan Pink or Celtic sea salt are very healthy for you. It’s the white table salt or White Sea salt that are heavily processed with high heat drying like 1200 degrees plus man made chemicals added makes this stuff horrible and raise your blood pressure. So don’t eat the white stuff. Think pink.

  • FYI the Japanese eat on average 12-14 grams of sodium per day that’s double the average American and have less then half the heart disease or high blood pressures then Americans 🤔 that’s what I call a CLUE!

  • After finding this “yumkum shocking guide” (do a G00GLE search) for sustaining blood pressure and trying it a week ago, I observed the visible difference in my blood pressure levels. It assisted maintain the normal rate! In the small amount of time of Twenty days, my blood pressure level decreased. The standard pressure for me was 120/55 and I was able to reach this with only Twenty five days in this plan.

  • Every study you referenced was about sodium intake in people with preexisting hypertension. We know salt aggravates hypertension. You are intentionally staging this as "salt = high blood pressure" but the referenced studies do not back up that claim. I don't want to pay another tax on some subjective thing I do. My diet is not the responsibility or business of the government. I don't want to pay another tax because some food causes people who already avoid salty food to have higher blood pressure.

  • Meaningless epidemiology used here. The cross country study chart proves only that those who have a low salt diet probably also have a low sugar diet because among the high salt intake countries there is ZERO relationship. Even this meaningless epidemiology does not support the hypothesis. I think you are a poorly trained scientist with little understanding of the weaknesses of most epidemiology.

  • If you search for "salt and high blood pressure" – it's unbelievable how many videos you get repeating industry misinformation… The government lied and salt doesn't raise blood pressure!
    Mmk. 🌱👍

  • strange….people always say I use to much salt….and my blood pressure has been 125/70 to 130/80! And I am old! bullshit mr nutrionfacts…..But I know that people with high blood pressure get problems if they use to much salt.

  • Hi, I normally have low blood pressure and I often feel very light headed during the day. I'm not sure if I consume enough salt daily. But everytime I do eat a soup of something with high salt, even if it can help with the dizziness, I just have apparent water retention symptoms and I face becomes very bloated. Is there a way I can have a normal blood pressure while avoiding the abnormal water retention sings? Thanks.

  • I used to have low blood pressure during high school so bad to where I was nauseous and felt sick that I couldn't do my school work. Once I ate saltine crackers and drunk water I felt better so yes salt can spike your blood pressure.

  • I add stevia to rice n pastas n less salt. Try not to add more than 1/4 teaspoon WHEN I use it, then I break from it. Taste buds change if you stick with it. Takes a couple skips n mistakes but….works

  • I'm sorry I don't care what video you posted. This is not true it's proven over and over salt stable blood pressure cholesterol but doctor's don't get this education. Also the reading of blood pressure and cholesterol is untrue what's dangerous hence why many are on medication. This may sound educational to many but your so wrong maybe you need retraining on natural resources . Lie lie lie lie lie

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