The Effects of Radiation Leaking from Microwave Ovens


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  • You're all exposed to WiFi 24/7 and it's in EVERYPLACE you go, unless you live off the grid away from civilization. Also solar radiation, radio waves go thru us all day long, and many other types… you're not EATING radiation from a microwave. They excite water molecules in the food and it essentially steams. That's all. Honestly I'd be more concerned with WiFi being in and around almost all of us 24 hours a day.

  • Hello Mr. Greger,
    Could you provide a link to an accurate listing/site for the protein contents by weight of the various non-meat/dairy foods (veg, fruit, legumes/beans, etc) as compared to the meat and dairy products *please*?

    Depending which site you go to, or what meme you see (haha) it varies and it's hard to know what the facts are.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Thanks for the microwave info! Not sure if I'm leaving a request in the right place but…..I'd love to see a video on household cleaning chemicals (bathroom cleaners, laundry detergent, dryer sheets) I'm slowly getting rid of many of these cleaners and making my own (and replacing many of my cleaners with Dr. Bronner's, baking soda, etc. )or sometimes opting out like using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. I recently saw a quote that stated home makers are 54% more likely to die of cancer than those that work outside the home (unless of course on has a job as housekeeper or hotel cleaning, etc.) and many suspect it has something to do with the household cleaning chemicals we are exposed to. I'd really like to see some facts and valid studies on this one. I think ultimately, I'm saving money and I don't really miss them but still curious if there is validity to getting rid of them for safety.

  • I couldn't find any video or article about soy and hyperthyroidism, Dr. Greger do you recommend to stop eating soy products when having thyroid problems?

  • Nothings safe i guess. Its about how much safe you are willing to amount. Basically the word "safe" itself doesnt exist and was used to label but peoples assumptions on words is what they perceive. To many studies/ no ending/ no end/ there is no finish line, no results (only for some important facts: ex. Diabities and other medical fields.) I guess im just pissed that im not born in the future where knowledge and society has advanced in this field.. But even then nothing is absolute. I was just getting off some steam. I feel better. Dr.greger how much vitamins and minerals does each human need? O thats right you dont care or if you did you will know that there is no exact anwser. Humans were ment to die. Its like your trying to prevent death but thats not possible. Go look at some research were they did a study of how carpets can cause death.. It probably can but the percentage is probably low. How do we know if your sources are right even if they are a relieble source. Where you there? Was it filmed? I know that there is probably more important criteria to be focused on that need solving. But it seems like there can probably be a way to kill 2 birds with one stone by focusing on important topics with sufficient important reible evidence. You can prevent and cure most problems by focusing on vitamins and minerals. Im done talking this massage wont be read anyway and wont get across to you or anyone. Part of it is the goverments fault.. For god sakes the fda let coca cola be legal .. People cant controll themselves. I just wasted my time. Bye

  • Well, that was pretty entertaining, but I'm surprised that you didn't mention anything about EMF.  Good ol Dr. Mercola (whom I've started trusting less and less) is all agog re the extra electricity that microwaves and other electric appliances can spew into the air.  He even advises having NOTHING ELECTRIC AT ALL in your bedroom!!    I actually got one of those "gauss meters" (?) and the thing just SHOT SKYWARD when I put it anywhere near a running microwave.  He says this EMF is very very bad for you.  Is that what you meant by "radiation," Dr. Mercola, or are they 2 different things?  Cheers from Cindy in Seattle

  • I'd be more worried about talking on a cell phone hours on end every day. And even for that I would not be really worried about. Still, if you are a telemarketer, I'd recommend a headset, just to be sure.

  • Funny how Dr Greger suddenly loses the scientific skepticism when it comes to ridiculous anti-Soviet myths. Next he will be telling us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

  • I respect and appreciate Dr. Greger so much, but I’m confused about this video. It sounds like there’s no hard evidence proving microwave oven use is dangerous, but that’s because he couldn’t find any studies (perhaps because they don’t exist yet?), NOT because microwave ovens were proven to be safe. I invite respectful and thoughtful comments.

  • Yes Dr Greger, but have they done any studies on the food ingested from the microwaves? AFAIK food from nature what the human body is supposed to be ingesting (IE: raw unadulterated fruit) isn't supposed to be heated before eating as it kills all the nutrition and enzymes.

  • I hate those things. Had one for about a year some 15 years ago, failed to clean it (too lazy), it grew moldy inside, then chucked it by the curb! Never been happier since! Leaky or not, I just didn't like that dubious thing sitting in my kitchen.

  • Believe it or not, as a physics undergrad in the 80's, I actually passed on putting a microwave in my home because I was afraid that the "radiation" would cause cancer and turn my reproductive system into mutant factory. Silly, silly, silly. That's because no one explained to me that it is high frequency (low wavelkength) ionizing radiation that causes cancer. These are gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet (UV) rays, alpha rays, and beta-rays. These are NOT ionizing radion: Radio waves, microwaves, infrared rays (heat), and visible light.

    Ionizing radiation consists of high-frequency/low-wavelength photons that will strip the electrons off of most atoms. Low-frequency radiation (including the microwave part of the spectrum) simply does not have enough energy to do this. High doses of ionizing radiation will vaporize everything into a plasma; in the upper atmosphere, this happens to oxygen and nitrogen and you get the northern lights. With low doses bathing the replicating cells of your body, ionizing radiation (NOT microwaves!) mess with the biochemistry of your dna and causes all sorts of mutations, some of which will lead to cancer. This happens in your skin everytime you step out in the UV light of the sun. Higher frequency waves like X-rays and gamma rays penetrate your skin and tissues and bathe your whole body in this stuff. Limit your exposure to these. Feel free to stand near your microwave though. It might boil the fluid in your body's tissues (which you will notice very quickly), but it won't alter your dna and turn your future offspring into mutants.

    Anyway, thanks for these high-quality, entertaining, and informative videos. It keeps my hope for a sane humanity alive.

  • For Year 12 I did a research project type thing on the biological effects of non-ionising radiation. The damage wasn't a matter of thermal heating but rather oxidative damage from the microwaves which in turn strip DNA and can lead to cancer. I would just leave the room when using a microwave, better safe than sorry. Good video though, really interesting, but microwave damage occurs in the long term, after years of exposure. Sadly not many 10 year + studies exist to prove it. If you're interested, check out the BioInitiative report. They are brilliant at researching this stuff

  • LOVE NutritionFacts. Can't sift through all the information all the time on everything. Without a reliable trustworthy and knowledgeable interpreter of the sea of information out there, we would drown in it!

  • What the fuck is wrong with the way this person is speaking. What's with the unnecessary pauses and the slowing down at the end of each statement? Is this some mental problem? One thing for sure, It is FUCKING ANNOYING and it sounds very STUPID.

  • Think about it how can microwave food be good for our bodies is that natural? Definitely not so it's definitely not good for our bodies I havent used one in over 10 years

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