The Effects of Cell Phones and Bluetooth on Nerve Function


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  • i bet this was funded by industry. mcgregor should know that reserach based on the adverse effects of any wireless radiation is mostly corrupted – done by corrupted scientists . i know many researchers who lose their funding and their jobs if they find adverse affects of wireless radiation and report it. so the only scientists who are left are hte ones who pander to the wireless industry and show that there is very iittle effect. mcgregor should report findings by leif salford and scientists who are part of the bioinitiative working group – there you will see repeated adverse effects. and research on why people become what's called electromagnetically hypersensitive – well, "scientists" will never, ever try to find why that is happening to people, unless they can blame it on something other than wireless radiation. but people who are electromagnetically hypersensitive are the evidence that wireless radiation is incredibly dangerous at very low levels. like jenny fry – a 15 year old english girl who hung herself in 2015 after becoming electromagnetically hypersensitive at the age of 12. you need to lift your game before i lose complete respect for your unbias reporting of biased research michael.

  • Hey guys let's just say in a best case scernio, everyone starts eating healthy. Far less people will die from chronic disease, but will the earth as a whole suffer more from overpopulation or more from a bunch of sick people suffering from nutrition related diseases?

  • I hope those brain surgery human lab rats knew they were participating in that study! Because why would anyone knowingly volunteer for a study that could impart their brain function?…..

  • Ok, most of us know about EMF's nowadays, and this is all very interesting, but who holds their phone to their ear anymore? I did, when I had a flip phone in the late 90's and early 2000's, and not a second later. I either use earbuds, headphones, or speaker phone, and have since I got my first iPhone. I'm more concerned about the EMF's running through my hands since I have my phone in my hand about 12hrs a day. I used to keep that ol' flip phone in my back pocket, and I do my iPhone now as well, but I try to keep it in my bag, away from my body. But there has got to be tons of EMF radiation in my hands…. it can't be good. The Podcast "The Healthy Moms Podcast" which is pretty good, did a whole episode on EMF's and how to reduce your exposure to them. Even though my phone is not on my ear, putting the phone down, and turning it off and your house wifi off when you sleep should give us all a little respite from the electromagnetic frequencies invading our lives (I hope!).

  • Hi Dr Greger. I have hearing loss through exposure to loud music including hyperacusis/recruitment, tinnitus and ear fullness. Is there anything which could possibly regenerate my damaged ear hair cells? I’m a music producer and this is an awful condition to have 🙁

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