The Best Way to Get Vitamin D: Sun, Supplements, or Salons?


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  • the truck driver prob didnt eat a plant based diet thus his body could not mitigate the sun exposure (this is why people get skin cancer), im in the sun alot and my skin hasnt aged (i still can pass for 18 ,Im 35), i have no wrinkles etc, the sun doenst cause cancer etc, your shitty diet does

  • Greger's being disingenuous as usual.. That driver had damaged skin on the left side of his face b/c glass blocks UVB and lets UVA through. If he drove with his window down then his skin wouldn't have been damaged as UVB counteracts any damage caused by UVA.. Also, vitamin D isn't the only molecule that's made in the skin from sunlight.. Cholesterol-sulfate is also manufactured in the skin using UVB as a catalyst and this is vital for cardiovascular and brain health.. So the sun and sunbeds are infinitely better than supplemental vitamin D.. I am alleging that Greger want us all to be sicker so we buy more products from big Pharma..

  • I just read an article on Forbes or somewhere stating that those brain imaging tests are bs. The reasons why they're lighting up are not what was originally thought.

  • I'm working in permanent night shift in the UK, so I barely see the sun…maybe on the weekends, when it's not raining (which is rare) lol :)) I need those supplements

  • I thought that skincancer was increasing because of all the shitty sunscreen we are putting onto our bodies before stepping out into the sun. These chemicals just boiling on our skin…

  • Oh, immediately believe that tanning can be addictive. I knew a girl in school who went to the tanning salon all the time. So much so that she got the (admittedly mean) nickname "die Verbrannte" ("the burnt (one)"). She had very brown skin year round, even though she clearly was central European, so naturally light skinned. Her skin was already showing some visible damage, even at age 18.

  • There is long list of negative side effects to taking vitamin D supplements. I wish they had been covered in this video. Also have there been any clinical trials done to see if vegans are less prone to sun related cancers?

  • Don't shower if your going to be in the sun. It washes off your natural protection. I seem to think sunlight through glass is what is harmful to the skin and eyes. It's not natural for the rays to be scrambled before they hit you. I think a lot of the problem is showering and rays going through glass.

  • 3.5 million cases and 2000 deaths for skin cancer.

    Latitude correlation with cancer showing Vit D reduces about 70% risk of multiple cancers.

    I'll take the sun and eat a healthy diet rich in phytonutrients, also it might not just be the vit D but other molecules and pathways activated by the sun exposure.

  • So you start with how bad supplements are and how mislabeled they all seem to be and I think, ok, my local tanning salon says their bulbs have the same ratio uva to uvb as the sun. Maybe that’ll work. Then you say that tanning beds are bad…ok, I’ll just tan outside the 6 or 7 months of the year that uvb even reaches my part of the world! And then you say NO, the sun also gives you cancer….and you end with yay supplements??? Very confusing!!! Can you please provide more information on this subject and maybe do a new series that covers the various people and their different issues getting enough D. Ie age, skin tone and global positioning!! We seem to be in an D crisis according to some and they are linking D to everything from heart disease to autism to dementia!!! Thanks ❤️

  • What if you don't absorb vitamin d3 supplements? I'm vegan. I live in the northeast. There is very little sun during the winter months and I am deficient in Vit D. Even in the spring/summer I don't see that much improvement – maybe 10 to 15 points higher. I have tried a couple of brands of supplements and taken up to 8000 mg a day and there is no effect. I eat a ton of greens. I do not know why I'm not absorbing the supplements. I've tried Nordic Naturals vegan D3 (the liquid @ 8000 IU about 5 days/wk) and Megafood D3 (not vegan – a vegetarian formula and I do get about a 10 point raise with this one at 6000 IU daily). Why am I not absorbing and what can I do?

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