The Best Diet for Upset Stomach


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  • I always have upset stomach and bloating. When I was on low fat McDougall starch diet I felt really good but I couldn't keep up with it. Myoko's butter on a sourdough & garlic bread is too good to resist. Adding cashew as a sauce to soups etc taste so good. But then I get heartburn if I go to sleep in 3 hours after eating… I always knew I was intolerant to fat, not gluten but… why olive oil & nutzz taste too good??!! (I know it brings out the flavor of spices, texture etc..)

  • Please do a video about hiatal hernia and acid reflux and reflux that happens even when people still take ant acids or eat raw or low fat vegan diet, would also be good to know about the safety and success rates of hiatal hernia surgical treatments.

  • Hi! Can you use amla powder before doing the Breath test for helicobacter pylori? I know that, for example, l-glutamine can interfiere with the test with a false negative result… Thank you!

  • Will you do a video on studies showing veganism is sustainable and healthy long term. The amount of people I've seen lately dropping the diet because of poor health has been unnerving to say the least.

  • Indian gooseberry is a very sour fruit here in India. I have eaten it since my childhood. I recently found out that it's so rich in antioxidants. Its been used in Ayurveda as medicine for thousand years and still is very popular medicine in India. Best for falling hairs, not just reverses it, makes hair stronger

  • Oh this is so stupid. This problem is caused by stomach acids not being acid enough. The ph of stomach acid should be below 3. If it's higher (less acid) the fats don't break down enough. That results in the gall bladder forcing out more bile which can result in pain.

    Have a glass of water with one or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal and your symptoms will reduce.

    Ask yourself why your stomach acids aren't acid enough. Low fat, high sugar causes this problem (and aging is a factor as well).

    It's not the fat that causes lack of acidity.

  • We now know how critical the level of arginine in the saliva is for oral health. Since the saliva we swallow ends up in the stomach, is there a correlation between low arginine levels and stomach upset? The arginine in the saliva feeds the good bacteria in your mouth. This results in a more rapid return to a neutral pH, minimizing the amount of enamel erosion. Is something similar happening in the gut?

  • Thank you! My mom deals with this all the time. Her doc couldn't figure it out, but given how she eats at work (they have little options), this fits perfectly.

  • If you do have stomach issues I recommend doing a 3 day fast and detox (master detox drink) at least once. I have also had stomach issues from poor diet. I finally did the fast/cleanse and my stomach feels so much better. It's a great way to cleanse your gut and reset your immune system.

  • its true that high fat meals can trigger heartburn
    i once had heart burn in my life, it was when i ate 8500 calories of duck in 4 hours
    but human gallbladders r tough af; especially if u eat 3 times a day its pretty much impossible to upset it if u r not some junkfoodtarian who fucked themselves with bagels and other shitty grain products
    rich ppl in the oldern days may have had the strokes from animal product consumption, but the others had mental damage from the grains im sure

  • all diets lower than 20% in fat (sedentary calories) r false by default
    dont even argue about it, i tested everything and know more than u and u suck

    dont diss fat, all macronutrients r awesome
    and now some faggit will reply "blabla he just meant diet best for upset stomach" — yes and guess why he cherry picks low fat studies instead of moderate or higher fat studies all the time …it fits the vegan picture better….increase fat and see libido rise….increase it too much and libido drops….its a good marker

  • Doesn't everyone feel nauseated after a high fat meal? I get pretty bummed out when my favorite deep fried cauliflower wings sit uncomfortably in the gullet. Great video, thank you.

  • How about the fact that people who have been eating acid forming foods all their lives have compromised digestion and can't break down their food properly because they are eating a species INAPPROPRIATE diet which creates inflammation and burns their digestive tract? How about the fact that people need to STOP EATING animal products, dairy, cooked grains and legumes if they want to clean their bodies and heal enough so they don't get dyspepsia?

     It isn't a mystery at all. If you eat meat and starch together, since one needs acids to break it down and the other alkaline, the "food" will just sit there, ferment and putrify, and create gas and bloating. This doesn't even include the waste products from the parasites that are already there in the stomach who live off the inappropriate "food" and the symptoms the parasites create. Of course these things are not mentioned because BIG MEDICA and BIG PHARMA doesn't want you to know how simple having or returning to robust health can really be. That is to simply cut out all the "foods" that we aren't designed to digest and change over gradually to fresh raw fruit and vegetables – at least until you are totally detoxed.

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