The Best Diet for Fibroids


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  • It's amazing to me now that I used to work in labs that studied cancer, precocious puberty and ovarian disorders, but diet was never discussed in any of those labs. It's not considered by the biological sciences in general. Nutrition was not on the course list when I was getting my Biology degree. Kudos to the labs in the video for trying.

  • I have a family history of fibroid tumor sufferers, many of whom have had full hysterectomies. I was diagnosed several yrs ago. I was having horrible periods, lots of pain & heavy bleeding, between periods too. Asked 2 doctors if changing my diet would help, they both said no. Birth control, wait & see, then eventually surgery was what they prescribed.

    I did months of research, and then started changing my diet. The more plant based I went, the less pain & bleeding. The less meat & dairy, the better it got. Eventually it got to the point where my periods were shorter than ever, I barely noticed they were there, no pain meds, no bleeding between periods. It's been awesome.

    The doctors say "what ever you're doing, keep it up," but they don't care to know what that is.

  • As a vegan I've still had terrible menstrual pain and heavy bleeding. But when I changed my diet to a low fat, low processed, high raw diet my pain is like incredibly better- by at least 90%. I've gone from having a day or two moaning in pain in bed to being just slightly uncomfortable and able to even do light exercise. Lots of fresh fruit and greens for the win!

  • Thanks for putting forward the research. So many OBGYN really have no clue on diet/lifestyle effects on things like fibroids. It's nice to get a coles notes overview of all the research that is out there so we can make informed choices in our lives for our health. Thanks for doing these educational videos. Truly appreciated.

  • Thanks  Dr.Mc G! I have been waiting to catch you online to ask you questions about fibroids. I love what you do and trust and assure your GrandMa is looking down and smiling at you  :; ) YOU ROCK!!!

  • Random place to ask this question, but I figure asking on the most recent video improves my odds of getting a response 🙂

    Is sushi unhealthy? I understand that there are risks involved (parasites and what not), but what I'm trying to figure out is whether or not sushi is unhealthy for the same reasons that cooked meat is. Or whether raw eggs (salmonella aside) are unhealthy for the same reasons that cooked eggs are. Or whether raw milk is unhealthy in the same way that pasteurized milk (boiled milk) is.

    In other words, could it be the cooking process that causes all, or even most of the negative health effects of meat (and/or dairy)? It seems possible, only because that's what animals (including early humans for millions of years) evolved to eat, and as far as I know, animals aren't dying left and right of heart disease, cancer, or alzheimers.

    Also, given the number of problems involved in the cooking process (the charring of meat, the release/creation of toxins, the use of cooking oils and fats, the degredation/depletion of nutrients) it seems at least plausible that the cooking process itself might be the culprit for many of the health problems that result from eating meat

    Have there been any studies or research on raw meat and its effects on the body?


  • My fibroids on my uterus were on the outside, and they were just getting so big and one of the ovaries was blocked visually by ultrasound so in the end I had a hysterectomy. I did however keep my cervix and ovaries. I was more vegetarian in my whole life then not, so it's a little odd that some of the statistics about pollutants and things are some of the things that can lead to getting fibroids. I I think it could be familial problem. When I tried acupuncture before the hysterectomy my friend who is the acupuncturist said she could only manage helping to shrink the fibroids if they were only about the size of a walnut, but mine were already bigger than that. And even if you do shrink them, they most likely come back.

  • For 10 years I suffered from fibroids and endometriosis. Conditions that cause infertility. There would be days that I could not get out of bed because the pain was so intense. Pain medications stopped working. I could not leave the house for up to a week because the bleeding was so heavy. I lost so much blood during my period I was severely anemic and was often weak and dizzy. The pain also persisted after my period ended. I still had cramps and back pain.

    I set out in search of a better quality of life. I achieved great results with a change to a plant based diet but still experienced the majority of these symptoms. Dramatic results came when I discovered this tonic. I no longer suffer from cramps, flare ups, heavy bleeding, anemia, long periods, irregular periods or short cycles. It has drastically improved my quality of life. I have since helped clients to address a variety of uterine issues such as shrinking fibroids and ovarian cysts, halting the spread of and controlling the symptoms of endometriosis. I have also helped clients diagnosed as infertile to successfully conceive.

    The name of the tonic is Womb Health. The main ingredients are sorrel, okra leaves and nettle. This tonic works to reduce inflammation, alkalize the body and balance hormones. Most uterine conditions are caused or are aggravated by estrogen dominance or a hormonal imbalance and inflammation. Once these factors are addressed then healing can begin.
    For more information and to purchase this tonic visit

  • I went to boarding school in Africa and when we ate meat, it was the size of a grape. Yup, very tiny piece. Same for fish and milk was 50% soy and 50% powdered cow's milk, egg was twice a month. We ate plenty of rice, beans, potatoes, okra soup, peanut soup with greens in it, pineapple etc and most girls started menstruating between the ages of 13 and 15 and were all very lean. But in USA, many start between 9-11. What a difference.

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