Tea and Artery Function


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  • Most Australians take milk in their black tea also. I don't take milk because I'm lactose intolerant and I got used to the taste so I like it that way. People think I'm a bit strange. 🙂 I also drink a lot of green tea.

  • Well this is just perfect. I came over to this channel to find one of his videos on tea and low and behold, a new one appears. Anyway, if you are going to drink green tea not only should you drink it straight up but you should also get the loose leaf version as well. Since they have more surface area, they will release more polyphenols into the water and generally taste better. Most tea bag tea goes stale when its sitting on the shelf in the store.

  • Could you do a video on IMOs, like they are found in vitafibre?
    So, if I used pure VitaFibre (Isomalto-Oligosaccharides), not by taking QuestBars (I know there is a lot of junk in there), but by using the syrup in baking, would it be healthy?
    Thank you, it is much appreciated!

  • what about the effects of adding Soy Creamer on coffee???? Does in blunt any nutritional benefit in the coffee? Dr. Greger, please make a video on this. 😉

  • It is all well and good that orientals eating healthy ALL their lives retain good endothelial function into old age. But what about oldster USians who have been damaging their guts with decades of SAD. Do THEIR replacement endothelial cells reacquire youthful function? The video…doesn't say.

  • Dr.Greger,

    Thank you for showing your references in the video. Providing references from bone fide scientific peer reviewed journals helps people see where the data came from and assures a greater level of confidence. It also helps thwart the glut of pseudoscience claims made by less conscientious people and non-scientists.

    I would like to suggest you also provide links in the description section so your interested viewers can read those papers for themselves.


  • I imagine this is not the case with coconut milk. I make a concoction of green tea, herbal teas, turmeric, ginger, and other herbs, along with raw honey, coconut milk, and the juice from a fresh lemon wedge.

  • Russians and all other people of around 140 different nationalities who lived in the ex-USSR never drank tea with milk unless they took this stupid habit after watching too much TV about brits. Even after spending 12 years of my life in boring Ireland with boring Irish husband drinking their boring extremely tasteless so called tea i couldnt get it – what for to spoil the normal drink pouring chemicals loaded shity milk from sick hormonal cows ?This liquid even has no right to be called milk in the first place.So this habit is mostly anglo-saxons national past- time

  • As a Brit; ar5e!!!! soya milk ruins the effects of tea, arhhhhhhh nooooooo it took 5years to get used to soya milk! i have to drink tea black, bugger…might have to put a trigger warning on this for Brits and the Irish… really my question is is there anything you can put in that does not effect the tea?? black tea smell makes me queasy, green tea fine, even put soya milk in that, and other herbal teas, it's a habit, oh and some made for me in pokhara nepal, when my supply of soya milk powder ran out, very eathy holemealy, very strong! well ive been vegan 25years im allowed my eccentricities.

  • I'm from Bulgaria, and I drink green tea and black tea straight as they are awesome beverages. I like the more expensive varieties of teas that usually need better preparation. Adding mil or sugar to good and expensive tea is the same as adding soda to an expensive Sottish whiskey lets say.

  • I'm from the Netherlands and I was thinking "but we drink it without milk" and then you said it. I'm glad black tea is about as good as green tea, because even though I've been drinking green tea for a couple of decades for health, I always still prefer black tea for flavor.

  • Can I assume Hibiscus tea does this even more effectively? I took your advice and have been sipping four bags of hibiscus tea in two litres of water with a cup of lemon juice and clove powder, love it! Cept it has given me hey fever something shocking, haven't sneezed so much in 24 hrs ever. Also lowered my blood pressure noticeably, which would have been great if it was high, it was perfect, and made me feel quite giddy as a result. I thought I might check if there were any side effects to hibiscus tea, and sure enough the hey fever and lowering of blood pressure were two of a few side effects. So now I'm not sure what to do, drink less? don't use four bags?

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