Talcum Powder and Fibroids


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  • Thanks for the facts Dr. Greger. I remember reading about Talc in the early 2000's and it's carcinogenic potential. So much these days is not trustworthy! I'm still reeling from the rice we are feeding babies; filled with arsenic that lowers their IQ. I appreciate you informing the me and the public of the facts VERY much!

  • Wow! This is seriously mind blowing!! My beautiful sweet grandmother passed from ovarian cancer and she used baby powder ALL the time!! It was part of her daily routine after she took a shower. When I was younger and I stayed at grandma's house after my bath grandma would put baby powder on me too! Thank the goodness that habit never stuck with me! I'm spreading the Word!

  • So, for all those times I was sprinkling baby powder on my girls bottoms to help protect against wetness from their diapers; I was poisoning them. Thanks corporate propeghanda, I was duped again. I guess poisoning them early ensures that the pharmaceutical companies will get there money when the kids are older.

  • I know this video was focused on talcum powder and fibroids, but as a Black woman who had fibroids, ate/eats mostly plants and hasnt used tlac since i was 2 i believe there is a better reason for the discrepancy of in the occurrence of fibroids between Black and white women.

    The levels of stress Black women have to face ( living at the intersection of race, gender ,sexual orientation ect) can take a toll on your health. Also some of the chemicals that some Black women use to straighten our hair are full of xenoestrogens. Not to mention the medical apartheid we face. Alot of times we are not believed when we tell doctors something is wrong. We are not given the same care ( take a look at the stats on Black mothers dying in child birth or shortly there after its astounding) regardless of our socioeconomic standing.

    Also note how many times in your video you said " there are no studies on this". Well why arent studies being done to address this issue? I mean I know why, just wanted to point out how folks know there is a problem and people are dying from it, but nothing is being done. Wonder why 🤔

  • Curious. I've been aware of the danger of talc for decades. It is often found in association with asbestos, as both minerals metamorphose from serpentine minerals, and both have similar effects when inhaled as fine particulates. Which of course is unavoidable when using baby powder.

    Also, something I never realized… until now… I am the only woman in my circle of close enough female acquaintances to know with an intact, healthy uterus. Everyone else has had a hysterectomy. Even women in my family younger than myself. I'm also the only long term vegan.

  • I had a watermelon sized fibroid removed in September and I've been vegetarian then vegan for 20 years (as of this year). It prevented me from reaching my goal weight unknowingly for years even though I ate clean AF. Good news I lost about 26 lbs on the operating table. LOL I did grow up culturally using baby powder but stopped as a child. Great vid as always doc!

  • Thank you Dr. Greger for your information. Do you know what it is that causes cancer? Is it corn starch? Is it only Johnson & Johnson's Brand or is this all baby powder?

  • Johnson and johnson have a advertisment of children in a hospital bed and they're trying to bring awareness. I saw the ad on instagram and i commented and said your shit product is what causes cancer.

  • No this talc thing is bullshit. Women with more dramatic funk use more products like this. And women with these issues are more likely to have adverse uterus problems ect. Its like blaming scented foot powder on athletes foot.

  • Thank you so much for your RESEARCH BASED medical info. The average person (and even some medical professionals I would suspect) get so inundated with facts and headlines about nutrition and health it's hard to know what to believe. I like that you use screen shots of studies to back up your opinions.
    I also don't think most lay people know how much debate there can be in the medical community regarding studies, metastudies, and different diseases. Would you consider an upload on making sense of studies and a primer on how and where to find good studies for those who like to go an extra step? Or if you have- please put up a link.
    It seems to me nearly everyone has an opinion on what is healthy and what isn't. I would love to see so more available on the best resources so people can follow up on a friend or loved one's health advice. Thanks. I will keep watching. I think your a trustworthy and well informed source.

  • So is this risk only for women if they use it in their genitals, or for women on all orifices, or men as well? My grandmother buys their powder, and I will definitely be telling her about this.

  • When I started to do my own bathing and such as a kid, I noticed the baby powder my mom told me to use irritated my skin, so I stopped using it. I guess sensitive skin has its advantages. I'll be telling my mom to avoid the Gold Bond first thing in the morning…maybe switch to organic corn starch.

  • My Mom’s best friend passed away from a most tragic death; ovarian cancer likely due to her using talc in those areas. She used talc daily from the time my Mom first remembers around 18 until she was diagnosed at 57. When they checked it out, besides the cancer there were huge fibroids, the size of large grapefruit, in her.
    Her family is involved with others in a class action lawsuit against them. I’m hoping for a great outcome for all of them.
    Thank you Dr. Greger & team for your work on this – so many women don’t know to keep talc away!

  • So there's differences between races and genders, no surprise, how much more so between species.
    Of course whatever information on how something affects quails might not be applicable to humans! It's quite ridiculous to think biological information/reactions from one species will apply to another.
    I've often wondered, how can it be that other animals are so much like us that it's scientifically valid to extrapolate medical/biological results from them to us, yet at the same time they are so UNlike us that it's ethically acceptable to experiment on them? (It's not!)

    When I first heard about the talc/cancer/fibroid link, I was surprised that so many womenfolk were sprinkling this stuff on their bits on a regular basis. Why were they doing that? Oh yeah, then I remembered commercials for things like powders, douches and sprays, because I guess some folks are concerned their pussy might smell like a pussy. A sprinkle a day helps keep odor away! Gotta smell fresh! 🌷🌼
    And those corporate money-grubbers will take advantage of the concern about B.O. and suppress negative information about the product.

  • D3 is a hormone… not a vitamin. And at that most woman and men are plagued with Xenoestrogens within their diets and their products. Woman are low on progesterone… why is this not looked at?

  • Dr Greger, please be careful on the subjects as this one brought problematic people. They'll start attacking you for being a white male doing white men's science.

  • what??? why the hell would anyone ever put baby Powder on their genitals???…that makes no sense at all…ps NEVER EVER buy anything  from the Johnson and Johnson company, they have done and still do the  most cruel animal testing ever….this company is freaken evil!!

  • Sadly I have an addiction to eating baby powder and suffer from fibroids. I alway wondered which caused which, but I guess now I know. Lose a lot of blood during moon cycle>crave baby powder because of low iron>feed create fibroids OR Have fibroids>bleed excessively during moon cycle> low iron> crave and eat baby powder. I have found a dink called Black Seed Bitters. It has shrunk them significantly. I don’t bleed as much. I see a lot of clots of them breaking down during my cycle and I don’t have cramps at all anymore.

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