Sulforaphane: From Broccoli to Breast


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  • To make in capsule Form—
    First get a pill filler off ebay "Amazon" With vegan capsules.
    Then grow the Sprouts.^
    Deactivate enzyme 1 Warm in oven @ 150 / 10 min. Then crush with Mortar and pestle cut or blend ; Let stand 30 minutes . ( This will activate the enzymes, And allow the sulforaphane to be much more available . )
    Create steam with a saucer under a plastic dome cover in microwave And *Blanch in microwave for a minute .
    Then Dehydrate in dehydrator. And fill your pills.

    The reason one might do this, is simply because the Sprouts have a very strong "Radish Taste" and one might have a hard time consuming it on a regular basis.

    ^[Do a search here on You Tube > "Grow Broccoli Sprouts"]
    (They have about 10x the Sulforaphane concentration than found in Broccoli.)

    *[Blanching stops the enzymes action,so your pills wont rot ]

  • For anyone interested, I suggest that you check out found my fitness on sulphorophane and preparation of broccoli sprouts (3.5 time the amount of sulphorophane absorbed).

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