Stool size matters


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  • Small diameter stool means you have COLITIS or a really bad diet with lots of caffeine or alcohol to dehydrate your body. If you have colitis, fight back with magnesium and SULFUR in the form of MSM or garlic whichever you prefer. Take b-vitamins and drink water and more water and BIOTIN in particular to have good skin on the exterior and interior. add others like vitamin c and omega 3…….BUT Emphasize magnesium and msm.

    Magnesium will keep you going/going so NO COLON CANCER!

  • I drink lots of water (maybe 15-20 liters a day) and should be getting enough magnesium because I eat mainly steamed potates but I still have problems; I quit coffee about a month ago and don't drink. What do you mean by msm???

  • I have been eating a relatively healthy plant based diet for about 2 or more months now. The problem is my bowel movements always result in soft stools or borderline diarrhea. Ok I'm not getting that much physical activity since my job requires a lot of sitting but is that the only culprit? Can anyone help me understand why this might be happening? I was on 2 antipsychotic medications about 3-4 months ago and I am aware that stopping those meds could cause diarrhea at first but I'm surprised it's still happening after this long. Are soft stools normal for people on vegan diets and possibly healthier than slightly harder stools? And I mean they are never hard at all. I eat a lot of fruits, bread everyday and I try to get in some beans whenever possible. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Hello Dr Greger, love your videos. Thank you! I know you're not a vet, but would you say that the size of poop matter in dogs, but the opposite way (as they're carnivores and dont need plant fibre)? The smaller and firmer, the better – at least this is what I have come to conclude from books on canine nutrition (raw meaty bones, barf etc…) This is what happens – when I fed my dog dry kibble he would make giant poops, now I feed him meaty bones, offal and some ripe fruits and the poop is small and odourless – just like wolve's…Please comment. Thank you!

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