Statin Muscle Toxicity


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  • Seems to me, many Americans just want the 'quick solution' and they don't want to DO anything to be well again…ugh…horrible. I saw the news about the statin situation recently too; what a shame when we KNOW that eating correctly can help reverse disease, plain and simple.

  • "Pure vegetarians for practical purposes" what is that supposed to mean?  I would argue that this study looks at people eating a "SAD" (Standard American Diet) rather than one based on non-GMO vegetables, grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish, no refined sugar, and no chemical-oils (e.g. canola).  I believe the whole video except for the "vegetarian" comment – there aren't enough people following a primal diet on statins to look at their muscle health.

  • I started taking this but My headache and bodyache is tremendous.. My Muscles is acting up like crazy… i can see my muscles on my arm throbbing thru my skin, My knees started to click more , and Bodyache is everywhere now… Since I started taking lipitor Atorvastatin but i have no choice but take it each night

  • I would love to see a follow-up video on the latest studies from The New England Journal of medicine and a study that was published in 2016 from University of Oxford basically saying that they is nothing to concerned about which I thought was a load of nonsense that was given to me by my heart specialist who was trying to get me to take statins when I thought the risk of side-effects was too high.

  • I really thank you Dr for you video but your work, my mother and i became vegans cause the blood sugar in my mother s blood, now she s about 125 and we re follow the portfolio diet for cholesterol, so no more statins. God bless you.

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