Starving Cancer with Methionine Restriction


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  • A June 19, 2010 article from Natural News reports that in a study of 386,747 subjects from 10 European countries that the people who had the highest blood level of B6 and methionine had a dramatically lower risk of lung cancer.
    He didn't mention any study with real people with cancer and their methionine levels.

  • So many ways animal based foods "kill" us. An environmental form of karma. Sure we "can"eat them for survival/temporary/nominally, but "should" we? Of course not. Estrogen levels in meat and dairy appear to also increase cancer risks. Pretty much everything about animal based foods increases health risks. Weird, because the plant based foods taste better, and plant based seasonings make dead flesh taste better … 

  • What are your thoughts on the reduced glycine intake as a reason why methionine poses such a problem for humans?

    Many years ago (our grandparents and before them) humans would kill and eat the ENTIRE animal, not just the muscle meat. The bones, cartilage, and organs were eaten too. That is the "whole food" concept.

    Muscle meats are high in methionine, but collagen from bones, cartilage, and organs contains high levels of glycine.

    Glycine is what your liver uses to rid the body of excess methionine.

    Our bodies make glycine endogenously. However, perhaps our livers lack enough glycine to deal with all of the methionine that we are eating because we no longer eat the other parts of the animal…just the muscle meat.

    Glycine is one of the strongest inflammation-modulating proteins there is. If you eat bone broth, gelatin, or supplement with glycine daily, there is a good possibility that methionine intake will not pose a problem.

  • If you will note, the published charts and information he's using are dated 1974. That a long, long time ago folks. I see he published this in September 2013. Wouldn't you think he would have had much more current data? Would have been much more convincing to me if he had. Maybe I'm missing something.

  • With so many types of cancer you are generalizing about this theory and it is a theory. There have NOT been enough studies done to prove a lot of things about methionine.

  • So alternative protocols (Otto Warburg, Johanna Budwig, Max Gerson, Dr William Kelly, Nicholas Gonzalez, NORI ) have merit, and sites like science based medicine  and quackwatch are not telling the truth

  • Info that big food doesn't want you to hear or see. And moderation kills – lowering animal product intake is not enough; you must eliminate it completely because of cancer doesn't get you, cardiaovascular disease will.

  • Methionine is added to chicken feed even organic chicken feed. minimum of 2 Lbs. per ton since 1974. At least there is less in eggs than in chicken.

  • pseudoscience bullshit, what does every start codon begin with 'Doctor' ? way to go citing a picture of a paper thats older than the human genome project you fucking charlatan, correlative isnt causative

  • Reduce intake of carbohydrates/sugars and increase intake of healthy fats and moderate amounts of proteins to cure/prevent cancer. Cancer cells thrive only on glucose which comes from sugar n carbs stop eating them ull lessen your chances of cancer. This is bs don't listen to this video. Yw for the info bye #ketogeniclifestyle

  • Now doctors can bring their lab to the lab… And PET scan 😁
    The funniest Dr. Greger video I've watched so far, but also the most serious, since a friend of mine died of cancer last fall. They could not determine which kind of cancer, so the treatment and care was not efficient and this knowledge was not presented.

  • People should not get confused with methionine as cancer producing! Its normal to consume methionine food or supplement and has lots beneficial functions , its just that for people with cancer its unhelpful

  • selenomethionine selenium is an anticancer mineral they say. Perhaps we should be putting anticancer elements along with methionine plus a low methionine diet to target the cancer cells, which like to gobble up the methionine stuff?? That is how oncologists should be using chemo, ie fast before treatment so the chemo goes where it is most wanted, the starving cancer cells. In much lower doses of course, but the oncologists make more $$ selling more chemo, or so the rumour goes.

  • A reasonable amount of methionine is ESSENTIAL and it's like you suspend breathing so as to not have oxygen free radical production! BAD advice here! Instead, take phycocyanins (spirulina), oleuropein (olive leaf powder), lactoferrin, carnosine and liver boosters milk thistle and reduced glutathione. Become deficient in methoinine, you are shutting off the body's circuits! If cancer, butryic acid is also useful as it discourages cells from becoming non-differentiated (neoplastic). "Experts" on occasion sure are a HOOT with their hokey "advice" which in this case can take you over a precipice.

  • The supplement SAMe is often given for joint issues, anxiety and depression. Those with slow COMT have a harder time clearing neurotransmitters and excess estrogen. Plus supporting this slow COMT they have found to help estrogen shift to a safer excretion pathway? Looking at the 2/4/ and16 hydroxyestrogen ratio, Magnesium and methionine are precursors form COMT. This is a interesting point and side to look at that I will explore more. Thank you for all the work and research you provide. H

  • Glutathione levels decrease as you age. Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant and is present in every cell. You can increase it by:

    Eating foods containing METHIONINE
    Get plenty of sunshine
    Take organic sulfur

    This approach to cancer prevention?

    Not eating foods containing methionine
    Avoid excessive sun exposure
    Sulfur is "bad"

    Lol. Interesting.

  • Methionine can be made in the body from methylating homocysteine in presence of folic acid and B12 vitamin, I wonder if not only one should restrict Methionine from the diet as well as vitamin B12 and Folate, these two vitamins also participate in DNA synthesis, and therefore allow a cell to do more mitosis. As we know more mitosis is a hallmark of cancer cells. Something else I have been thinking is Methionine is also the transfer RNA start codon of all protein synthesis of the body, so without it protein synthesis in the body becomes restricted.

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