Starving Cancer With Methionine Restriction


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  • Don't get carried away with this idea unless you actually have cancer and a doctor is working with you to mitigate the side effects. There's a reason it's called an essential amino acid. Severe restriction of it can lead to liver disease, anemia, and gray hair.

  • the human immune system gets rid of the cancer by destroying the cancer stem cells and sugar is it's number one fuel of choice…not sulfur…chemo kills the non stem cell cancer only. Methionine controls the level of beneficial sulfur-containing compounds in the body. These sulfur-containing compounds are in turn vital for defending against toxic compounds like heavy metals in the liver. Methionine helps reduce histamine levels, which are amino acids that control dilation of blood vessels and influence brain function. So take his advice if your on chemo…your brain will get fried quicker

  • Don't you need methionine to form proteins and enzymes? Is that the startcodon? Just trying to understand how we would still thrive but our cancer cells not

  • False information cancer lives on sugar and carbohydrates eating a diet high in carbs and sugar will grow cancer it's a scientific fact a ketogenic low-carb diet will starve cancer cells to death.

  • It didn't gain clinical applications because ketogenic diet was more effective in controlling cancer – ya' know, a diet the depletes the cancer cells of their main source of energy – glucose, since their mitochondria is damaged. Methionine control is great but a vegan diet is perfect for feeding cancer cells glucose, so it's win/lose.

  • Actually Brazil nuts has one of the highest amounts of Methionine. Others nuts have much less so I think you should not eat too many Brazil nuts, but other nuts are ok. Brazil nuts also have high amount of selenium which is good thing in a way, but too much selenium can cause problems.

  • I think you could be right about the Sulphur… but I am not sure about the methionine. We hope you doctors will eventually make an antidote against the disease.

    This is what I posted on my own site and a comment to another video about ammonia with cancer. My theory/study and instincts are different about this issue, see below if interested:

    There is some "evidence" cancer cells are using ammonium to stay ALIVE. . I say they even use ammonium to spread through the body, with ammoniumnitrate. Also ammoniummethylnitrate is dangerous. And ammoniummethylsulfate and ammoniumsulfate. I personally do an ammonia fasting diet. I do never or mostly not eat food containing much bacteria like yogurt, cheese, bread. Also sulphur is dangerous with this diet you cannot drink beer and wine. also no energy drink because of taurine. And do never eat sth containg nitrite and nitrate. Ammonium and bindings act like a real amino acid and that is dangerous because they take their own DNA/RNA with them.

    Not only this, but also mutations can occur because of milk and flesh consumption together. You must never eat flesh and eat milk the same day. That's in short what we really can do. Theories about glucose and so on, I am not fond of.

    The last thing you could do is do not eat after dark, because the human body reacts on sunlight, after a certain time/moment the body does not digest food. So bacteria cannot swarm all night long and still have holdout there in your body and cause sth bad.

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