Sprinkling Doubt: Taking Sodium Skeptics with a Pinch of Salt


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  • Global Warming is a farce. Screaming "global warming!" is a strategy to give governments more power over the individual. It's all about control. They don't give a shit about the environment.

    You're right about reducing salt consumption, though.

  • But the metaphor/comparison to the climate change debate is wrong! Thera are no scientific evidence for that process and all predictions went wrong so far. On the other side there are interest of many well paid scientists wg

  • …who's jobs depend on this "story" together with many governmental agencies and publicists. You just have to look at scientific evidence and then look who make a business on that story… Best regards, m.

  • Please, they have been using salt for thousands of years & now salt is bad for you? Ummmm… Yes it is, if it is table salt or MSG, not the same as mineral salt or sea salt. Yes we are using to much MSG & white table salt. For instants Himalayan pink salt has more minerals in it. Are we not made of minerals? Himalayan pink salt contains 87 trace minerals. Processed table salt contains Sodium, Chloride, (some with a little bit of Iodine), ferrocyanide, talc, silica aluminate & anti-caking agents. Now lets compare that to MSG, it has: monosodium glutamate, a sodium-based excitotoxin that causes heart attacks in people who do not have enough magnesium. MSG is an excitotoxin that makes your body want more. If you are going to do a a study why not consider all the factors?

  • I think what is confusing here is that "salt" isn't solely sodium but I believe what this discussion is about. There is also a story to be had concerning real or whole salt vs refined or processed salt.

  • Salt is definitely something I have yet to work on. I've switched to a plant based diet, I keep my fat intake below 10% (most days), yet I still reach for that salt shaker!

  • Comparing people in countries that eat low salt is generally flawed because they also eat whole foods with plenty of fiber and get an abundance of exercise. In fact, leaving those types of countries out of salt studies shows different results completely and they were probably added to make the results look better. I eat as much salt as tastes good and have no blood pressure problems and I'm in my mid sixties. Whole food and exercise is probably a lot more important and many people believe the opposite because doctors just tell them to eat less salt and take blood pressure medication, barely mentioning diet.

  • Its not the salt, its the salt type! Himalayan salt has all of the trace minerals one could get, does not promote water retention, and its very very healthy, now compared that to the common table salt, and you get the idea.

  • An anecdote:
    If I consume ~6g sodium/day, I have a blood pressure of ~145/100 (stage 2 hypertension) However, if I eat my normal, quasi-vegan low salt (<2g sodium) diet, my BP stays under 120/75. I'd rather not take meds and simply cut sodium.

  • Dr. Greger- Are Himalayan sea salts better at all, in moderation? I've been told they were and because of the minerals I should use them often. ugh, so much crap information out there but I trust YOU. thank you.

  • I want to reduce my salt (I don't eat processed foods so that's not a problem for me) but healthy food doesn't taste nearly as good without salt. Im torn, because I only like the healthy food I eat with lots of salt, but if I don't eat as much salt, I'm afraid I will not like any food if I don't put salt on it….

  • So is the 2500 mg maximum requirement factual? I try to keep my Sodium and Potassium ratio in balance with Potassium at at least 1000mg more than sodium.

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  • I think we really must draw the line between adding a few sprinkles of sea salt to a mail and people eating processed foods with 6 or more grams plus a day. I sprinkle a bit of sea salt here and there but I'm sure I don't go much over 1 or 2 grams

  • Keto diet, I consume around 8000mg sodium per day, and have done for around a year. My BP has dropped. My health is fantastic (better than it was, in myriad ways, from when I was regular/high carb and relatively low salt/sodium). So, take from that what you will.

  • Yes, we should use salt sparingly and prepare foods so that they require very little salt. Avoid processed foods and that in itself is a great step. But I don't think that a bit of salt here and there, now and then, is harmful.

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