Speeding Recovery from Surgery with Turmeric


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  • Footnote 32–way to go Dr. Agarwal! [How did I know it wouldn't be a Western physician?
    : ( ] Thanks for posting this reminder about the healing effects of turmeric.

  • India's ancient healing system, Ayurveda, understands that true healing must happen on all levels – holistic healing happens when a person's physical, mental/emotional and spiritual experience of life is in balance. Ayurveda proposes proper food, herbs, exercise, meditation, environment and – in case of need – surgery (perfected in ancient India) among its healing prescriptions. So, surgery and yoga – why not? Only in the narrow understanding of Western symptom-based Big-pharma-trained medicine could that be considered strange!

  • Turmeric is high in oxalates which can cause kidney stones. Vegans who often consume turmeric have high rate of kidney stones. A much better and safe natural healing plant is Aloe Vera, it has been well proven for its natural healing properties. Drink a few table spoons of pure fresh raw Aloe Vera juice very few hours. Aloe can also be applied on wounds and burns. Don't forget eat a few eggs after surgery, eggs supply good essential protein and fatty acids for producing new cells.

  • Facing an inguinal hernia repair, I was told to stop all herb supplement and use, e.g. turmeric and garlic, before surgery as they could interfere with normal blood coagulation. Seems like I might have some turmeric afterwards.

  • Good to know that one of the negatives of NSAIDs is the carbon footprint of manufacturing companies because if that is the worst thing they are actually as good for you as the research claims. Wouldn't Tumeric and NSAIDs be the best remedy? If not for the carbon footprint.

  • I love Dr. Greger's videos. I used a lot of the tips to get through a recent surgery. I feel I owe much of my speedy recovery to the plant based nutrition I was packing in before and after surgery, including turmeric (fresh and supplements). Much of what I find when I search things like "vegan and surgery" talks about how a plant based diet can help us to avoid the knife. My issue is that I am having a very invasive surgery that is not nutrition related this July and I want to know all about how to care for myself before and after using plant based nutrition. Providers and even others who have been through these surgeries generally don't have much expertise in regards to a plant based diet. I believe that I can get all that I need from a plant based diet, but I want to be sure, with all the intense healing that will be happening for me, and all of the potential blood loss, etc. what is recommended. Does anyone know of particular resources for plant based folks undergoing serious surgeries? Thanks a lot in advance!

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