Sometimes the Enzyme Myth Is True


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  • It'd be wonderful if you could post it to this specific video on nutritionfacts. org. This way more people benefit from the response, and I can actually provide you with links (which I can't do on Youtube). Thanks!

  • Yep you are correct. Bromelain too does quite a bit for the the body too, not just digestion. There are probably a bunch of really great plant enzymes that are destroyed by cooking…but thats not the main reason to eat lots of raw plants. The vitamin, antioxidants, and mineral complexes are greatly reduced in cooking which is why we should eat lots of raw plants. I have no reason why the enzyme idea is touted so much in the raw food community.

  • Hello Dr. Greger. I've been watching your videos and they are full of great information. I am understanding that the best way to eat vegetables is not by cooking them, but by eating them raw, as this has the most benefit to fighting and preventing CHD or other types of Heart problems. Is it never ok to cook the vegetables? And you suggest that all green leafy vegetables are the best to a healthier heart. Is juicing an alternative to eating the vegetables solid? Thanks… God Bless….

  • after going raw for long enough one figures this out instinctively. Its simply not palatable to eat raw food ones whole life. Cooking is the natural outgrowth of our super-massive brains which are themselves an outgrowth of something atavistic. Thats two leaps forward now. Assiduously attempting to mimic ancestral living is absurd because WE ARE NOT OUR ANCESTORS. We are also not lab rats, not chimps, nor even bonobos- although I like bonobos the best- our vegan cousins who fuck everyone in the tribe with the same glib indifference that we assign to a handshake. Make love, not war man !

  • What does it take from our body to create these enzymes though or do these bacteria make them out of thin air with no negative side effect to our mineral/vitamin stores?

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