Smoking Marijuana vs Using a Cannabis Vaporizer


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  • Dab up people. Respiratory events from stopping heavy tar use can be considered a purging period. Reported illness is reported but not diagnosed. If you stop smoking, you have a significant layer of smokers film that is sticky to either absorb or expel. IMO and IME.

  • Interesting…Healthcare Triage channel showed studies that said there is no evidence that shows smoking marijuana had adverse effects as cigarettes.

  • Anyone who vaped and smoked can tell you smoking is much harsher. Didn't need a study for that. Make sure you don't set your vaporizer too high a temp otherwise you'll be inhaling smoke.

  • All these drug users trying to find any excuse to justify their habits…

    Smoking is gross and bad for you.
    Vaping makes you look like a fool… and it's still bad for you.

  • As a avid smoker i can theorize what Dr.Greger and such fail to realize. Those cannabis smokers who were suitable for the study had to have respiratory problems beforehand to see the marked improvement of those who switched to vaporizing. It takes the lungs about a month to recover from smoking. I have recently quit and can attest to this. During that month i experienced issues with coughing up black/brown shit as well as general lung problems. The further and further through the month i got the better i felt. You can look up how long it takes to recover from smoking and the lungs takes about a month or so to replace certain cells. Obviously still damage there that will take longer, but a lot of the respiratory systems should go away after a month.

    The 40% of participants who were getting sick probably was a result of still recovering from smoking. Dr. Greger is potentially putting people off from buying a vaporizer. Don't hesitate. At the very least this video says that it is better then smoking, but for the reasons i state above the doubt he has will most likely be found invalid.

  • Gee, I wonder if edibles could help people who suffer with cystic fibrosis…. well at least one person put it to the test.

    Mom and I had flown to Denver to meet a specialist and strategize treatment for my nontuberculosis mycobacterium. Part of the clinic visit concerned treating my barren appetite and nonstop nausea. We’d tried nearly every anti-nausea prescription by then, and nothing did the trick. My daily “meals” were composed of one or two nibbles. Being in the “Mile High City,” the conversation naturally turned to cannabis.

    Doctor: “Marijuana’s legal here, ya’ know. Might as well try it while in town. Do edibles, of course.” Fun fact: Smoking isn’t recommended for those with lung disease.

    I was adamantly against any use of the ol’ devil’s lettuce despite being a 21-year-old in college. My pastor from Hawaiʻi floated in my vision, saying his oft-repeated phrase, “Eh, brah. Stay off da weed!” while miming holding a joint.

    Mom and I glanced at each other and awkwardly chuckled, “Pahaha … Nah …”

    Flash forward two hours, and we’re in a legal marijuana dispensary that’s seemingly co-run by Tommy Chong and Willy Wonka. Cannabis was infused into every treat imaginable: chocolate, lollipops, cookies, brownies, Jolly Ranchers. Luckily, my CF-related diabetes hadn’t kicked in by that time.

    I could feel good about gummy bears. Cute bears. Innocent, pure. “Pop maybe, like, two,” the blond girl at the cashier’s counter said. She’d just finished telling us about how she regularly smuggled marijuana flowers onto airplanes, which tainted my attempts to focus on this venture being a perfectly legal experience.

    We left the store with a pill canister of attractively colored gummies — teal, emerald, violet (purple always sounds more attractive as violet, no?). I popped two, prayed for forgiveness, and waited 30 minutes. Nothing. I popped two more. Then two more. See, being a goody two-shoes, I regularly filtered out conversations about weed — including, perhaps, conversations about edible marijuana taking a couple of hours to work.

    Oh, it hit me, all right. We walked past an Italian restaurant after a two-hour movie. The whiff of Jupiter’s ambrosia hit me like a sweet, beautiful sledgehammer: pasta. I ate two loaves of bread, a plate of fried mozzarella, salad, and a gigantic bowl of baked ziti, and washed it down with four glasses of strawberry lemonade (cotton mouth is real, y’all).

    My airways and sinuses shot wide open for the first time in years, and my inflammation pain “magically” disappeared. I also coughed up a lot of mucus. And my brain didn’t turn into overcooked oatmeal like I’d always imagined would happen. It was my first time meeting Mary Jane, and she was … pleasant. I walked back to my hotel grinning, drew a piping hot bath, and faded into a food coma in the tub.

  • what about dabbing? i’m curious bc it is my main source of consuming thc and it’s not quite vaping or smoking. i think the smoke is usually much hotter than a vape

  • What about Cannabis Cookie? Have many patients with Multiple Sklerose, rheumatic disease or chronical bowl diseas – they vaporise cannabis against pain or spastic reduction. But smoking anyway is not the best idea. What about eating Cookies?

  • I used to wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks, over the years I determined the culprit was how much weed I had smoked in the previous days and a larger amount would trigger it. As I grew older I bought a Volcano type vaporizer because I thought it would be better for my lungs, which would get sore in the winter for some reason when I smoked. After using the Vaporizer for over 2 years now I can say this:
    1. My anxiety issues(panic attacks) brought on by weed, stopped immediately and never came back.
    2. My lungs never get sore anymore regardless of the time of year.

    Just for reference, I'm a 40 year old man about 6 pounds over my ideal body weight.

  • bronchitis being the worst thing you can get from weed is actually kinda crazy.

    If you live a pretty healthy life style, and eat most anti-inflammatory foods, the small negatives of pot is pretty much abysmal.

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