Should We All Get Colonoscopies Starting at Age 50?


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  • Playing the pill game is where doctors really rake in the money. This is what gets patients coming back. Patients typically don't want to change their diet as they are not interested in diet prevention, don't want to be told what to eat, and will go find another doctor if necessary who will cooperate and prescribe them unnecessary medication believing it is their quick fix.

  • I'm 100% in favor of the good doc addressing the macroeconomics of US healthcare; something rarely done. However, on this point I disagree. A colonoscopy gives not just the benefit of cancer screening, but while they're in there, they can remove small benign polyps that could potentially turn cancerous later. I regret not having it done before I lost my health insurance.

  • There is a serious systems problem in the disease management sector (which many confuse with the health sector), where kickbacks are legal for professional decision makers/facilitators. This is just so primitive. Kickbacks need to become illegal.

  • Just to let the board know. As a health care provider I make nothing referring patients for screening colonoscopies. I do it because it is the most accurate test out of the 3. Somebody else is making the money but I do it in the best interest of my patient. I take exception that all referring providers get a kickback. I nor my 12 partners do. Not everyone in healthcare does this and this video neglects to say that. In fact in my 20 years in health care I have never seen or been offered one.

  • Nothing to be surprised at. All people act for selfish reasons, that is the natural thing. Some people sometimes act truly altruistically, and we can view this as a parasitic effect of a meme of altruism. I used parasitic but that does not mean it is objectively bad. There is no such thing. I used that because it is bad for the benefit for the individual.
    Any ways, only you truly care for your health. And your family do so at some degree depending on the relationship. I just wrote this comment because too many people seem to trust doctors too much, as if the doctors care for you. In most cases, no. We are just their job to earn money for. We must take care of our own body, because nobody would do that for us.

  • Thanks to the highly successful right-wing campaign to create mass hysteria about anything remotely associated with "socialism," we're not going to see an end to this kind of sickening "free market" corruption in health care any time soon. If you vote Republican, you're part of the problem.

  • Hey Doc!

    I am writing an essay for my Gerontology class and I want to write about evidence suggesting that a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle promotes positive aging. Do you know of any credible studies that support this claim? The only one that I am aware of is a study observing 7th day adventists mostly vegetarian and some vegan lifestyle showing longer lives.
    Know any recent studies?

    Thank you so much for you time! Keep up the interesting work.

  • I find it interesting how some doctors leave patients in the dark. They never told my father-in law that chemotherapy could leave him with neuropathy. He suffered so much, couldn't even button his shirt because of the pain in his fingertips. He was "cancer free" but miserable.

  • Great video. $$$ profit and greed. I try and plant a seed on the plant-based diet to the patients that I see daily who have cardiovascular disease and other related conditions. Often times these diseased patients- they just don't to change the lifestyle.

  • There is a family history of colon cancer in my family, with 1 death being my father. My older sister had to undergo surgery to remove her rectal area and now wears a colonoscopy bag. The rest of the family beelined our way to have colonoscopy screening. I was found to have precancerous polyps as were a few others in the family. My one sister had flat polyps detected, and her gastroenterologist said if she had had any of the other tests done as you described instead of the full colonoscopy, it would have gone undetected and she would have gotten colon cancer. So please, don't give people the impression that colonoscopies are not needed. Too many people want to hear that because they are embarrassed about the procedure t begin with. It can mean the difference between life and death. Let the docs make their milliions if it will save lives.

  • This is all great unless you're the person with an advanced colon cancer missed because you chose not to get you're colonoscopy. These issues are more complex than what is shown in this video.

  • Surprised to see Dr. Gregor entertaining extremely dangerous and invasive pseudoscience like screening. Doesn't he know how much cancer screening causes every year? And then what happens if you find cancer, a 1% increase in survival time if you're willing to go through torture? "The degree to which healthcare providers communicate the information is not known"…. are you joking Dr. Gregor? Everything you know and how intelligent and insightful you are and you still don't get it fully? It's ALL a money game, and sometimes based on mindless protocol, but turns into monetary reasons over time. I appreciate you trying to go half way and alert people to the dangers, but taking such people seriously to begin with I feel adds some sort of legitimacy to it that they do NOT deserve, as if what they wrote or said should in any way be treated as non-fictional.

  • Considering the Western American diet the risk of colon cancer significantly increases. If we wait for a positive stool sample it may be too late or an advanced cancer. Nevertheless if one gets a colonoscopy at age 50 and has polyps removed at the time of the colonoscopy and prevent cancer from forming from that polyp is a better option. Its all about screening and prevention..

  • (Doctors don't know 99% of it(🚬😵🙄, x-ray😵🙄…) Science !!!! 
    Chemo 97%  doesn't work😵😵😵😵😵😵. X-ray 😵😵😵😵😵. (Dr.)Money money money 🤑🤑!!!! (🙄)(Science)  Vegans live the longest(14 years longer, on average !!!) then meet eaters 😵!!!

  • I have learned SO much from Dr. Greger, and I am SO PISSED at the medical establishment. I will never get a colonoscopy. I will live the healthiest lifestyle I can and live on my own terms as long as possible. Fuck doctors.

  • I went to my GI doctor with a symptom of minuscule clear liquid leaking from my anus, probably about a drop or two per day, just enough to have this feeling of wetness, like sweat but I wasn't sweating.  That was it – the only symptom – no bleeding, no stomach pain, nothing, and no history of UC, IBD, etc. Zero digestive issues throughout my life.  I had also had a completely negative colonoscopy 7 years prior at age 52.  His only response was, "Lets get you set up for a colonoscopy, what insurance do you have?".  WTF?  How about maybe doing a test on the fluid to try to pinpoint what it is and where it may be coming from?  Not only that but the symptoms went away with a change of diet and some fiber and probiotic.  So ——– should I still get a colonoscopy?

  • Unfortunately, I have a genetic predisposition to Colon Cancer know as Lynch Syndrome. It important that I get screened every year to remove polyps before they turn cancerous. My two brothers and my mom along with numerous relatives have all passed away from colon cancer. I'm 50 and had over 20 Colonoscopies in my lifetime. For me it's been a life saver as multiple ployps have been removed. I eat healthy and excercise regularly which may have something to do with me surviving this long. Fortunatley for me I live in Canada and the screening is free.

  • With my doctor, ZERO! She had the nerve to tell me if she had her say, I would have them every year. I let her know she would not. She seemed to think I didn't have a say and should not be informed and it wasn't a discussion.

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