Should Vegan Women Supplement with DHA During Pregnancy?


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  • this argument is ridiculous DHA is processed through the fish from the algae they eat you can buy DHA extracted from algae so the argument is a moot point of whether or not you should be leaving or not DHA has been shown many times do have a huge effect on postpartum depression in the mom

  • Could you do a video about the omega 3 to 6 ratio? I've read things about how the closer the ratio, the better your body can use and store omega 3.

  • Will you do a video on athletes feet? my entire family suffers from it and I'm wondering if a plant based diet would help them. Or does anyone know if he already has a video on this topic???

  • So it does not help heart or brain according to latest studies. Is it still good for inflammation in general? Good for anything or should we just quit taking?

  • Also since DHA is useless, I'm guessing all that stuff about the ratio has nothing to do with supplementation and everything to do with omega balance in a whole food diet. So confused.

  • I became a HCLF vegan in November 2014. It was the best thing that I have done to myself. My inspiration was Freelee, the banana girl. Before then, I have a history of severe eating disorder (bulimia + anorexia + BED) since 2002. I thought I had food addiction – hence joined a 12 step program in 2010 which promoted mostly non-vegan foods as well as weighing and measuring of every food. Additionally, we had to abstain from all forms of sugar, wheat, and flour.

    Needless to say that I had all kinds of health issues ranging from hormonal imbalances to back aches. One such health issue was having no menstrual cycle (naturally) for almost 12 years. But I got back my periods within a month of going HCLF vegan and kept having those at regular intervals since then (and surely I have recovered from my eating disorder). But from February 2016 I am missing my cycle again. Thus, I have decided to go for a medical check up.

    I am 38 year old female. I am 5'3" tall.I have stopped weighing myself for a very long time (following Freelee's advice). So, I cannot tell you my exact weight. But I think I have become leaner since I changed my lifestyle. I was eating 2100 to 2300 calories until few days ago. Now I eat at least 2500 calories every day. Mostly raw till 4, but sometimes starch solution. I exercise almost everyday that includes 3/4 miles of power walking (Leslie Sansone videos from YouTube).

    Could you please help me with figuring out what might went wrong that I am "late" again. Also please let me know if there is any particular test/s I should go for in my next medical check up. I apologize for the inconvenience.Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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