Shaking the Salt Habit


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  • WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT…..I'm confused. I thought there was a problem with people not getting enough IODINE b/c everyone's been eating sea salt which isn't iodized. I just watched Dr. Greger's video on that and went out to buy a container of iodized salt. I don't eat processed foods (or very little) and don't eat out much, so I'm hoping this video is more for the standard person who has a high sodium intake..and not for me. Because otherwise, I am confused as hell 🙁

  • Fuck we should just all eat corrugated cardboard at this point. According to Gregor practically everything that tastes good is bad for you!

    Thankfully those that eat a strict plant based vegan diet only live a measly 7 years longer on average compared to someone that eat's whatever they want (assuming that they do not die from some other cause) according to Gregor!

    I think that a balance must be struck between eating healthy and eating foods that taste amazing that have healthy sea or Himalayan pink salt, healthy cold pressed oils, and possibly sugar in them .

    There's a reason that we crave sugar, sat, and healthy oils and even meat.

    I think the depression and dissatisfaction caused from not eating what your body tells you to and craves will take a bigger toll on ones overall health than the benefits that might come from say not adding salt, oil, and/or sugar to your food.

  • I am on a low carb ketogenic vegan diet and my blood pressure gets way too low if I cut back on salt. I start feeling faint and I have to grab a cup of veggie broth. I eat predominantly whole vegetables foods and make sure to have adequate magnesium and potassium. ACV water and lemon water are regular parts of my day. I eat lots of leafy greens, avocados, olives, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, small amounts of nuts, non starchy vegetables, nutritional yeast, sprouted tofu in veggie broth, great quality coconut oil and olive oil, coconut cream, and a very minor amount of stevia. No processed crap, only berries, lemons, limes for fruit. I only add salt to my salads in the form of pink Himalayan salt. My BP today was 75/50 and my resting pulse was way too high at 98. I started this a month ago in an effort to get rid of my plantar fasciitis and it is working. Pain levels down from a 9 to a 1, but not completely alleviated. I eat some cooked veggies too like asparagus and lots of cauliflower and broccoli. My heart rate is way too fast though. It has been even when I was a high carb vegan and a more processed, higher protein vegan. I am a 50 year old woman, weight 154. 5'7". Super active, but not cardiac active. My old BP readings were around 100/70. Pulse 73….

  • UP YOUR POTASSIUM if you like salt. It's all about balance! 5:1 ratio potassium to sodium. One banana doesn't cut it either. You need around 4700mg potassium each day and you can have some salt. Good quality salt, lots of healthy veggies too. Avocados are great, beet greens are highest in potassium, but who eats those? Acorn squash, kidney beans, and potatoes are good too. Look it up.

  • Bread and cheese are two very rich sources of sodium in the American diet….two of the main staples in America! People don't realize if the drop the sodium out of their diets they will see huge changes within just a few days or a week. Most people will lose quickly 10 lbs of retained fluid by doing so.

  • These studies are only looking at devitalized table salt. Huge difference between that and unrefined Himalayan or celtic salts, which have no such adverse affects and provide much needed trace minerals.

  • what i hate about this is, that sodium is in everything, and tons of it! in one can of soup there is 1,300 mg of fucking sodium! The daily limit is 2,500 mgs. Being healthy is impossible. is there a way to lose sodium that you ate?

  • I have HBP. I've shortened my intake to less than 3/4 tsp per day. I can already feel a difference after just a few days. My whole life I have always felt stressed and tense. Suddenly that feeling is almost gone completely.

  • Salt intake has not changed in America in 40-50 years, yet hypertension has risen dramatically. Why is salt the demon? Salt is necessary for life! Natural sea salts are much better than the processed sodium in processed foods. 😀

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