Reversing Diabetes with Food


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  • my mom takes care of an old man. he has diabetes. she stated giving him oatmeal three times a day an now he doesn't take insulin. though he does have to eat on time or his blood sugar will drop

  • These videos should be broadcast on television every single day. Imagine the effect on the worlds health if that happened. Just love these video`s. Speaking the truth and smashing through the lies told us by big business and the health services, oh sorry, they are one in the same thing.

  • It's almost as if diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. are VOLUNTARY diseases. If you choose to eat a poisonous diet, you get the disease. If you choose to eat a plant-based diet, you don't. It's up to you. Thanks, Dr. Greger, for another great vid.

  • It's not often I'm impressed but this video really caused me to say wow I need to ask – did viewers realise there is new cure

    people all over the world are improving thier condition I found out about this from reading website take a look now search google for Diabetes Crusher Tactic

  • Here we go with the vegan agenda again. The Japanese have the lowest obesity in the world, they consume 25% less calories than the average western diet and they eat protein.

  • Some studies have shown meat eaters who consume fruit and veg, but specifically lowered their red meat, have less incidences of diabetes. I have seen studies which have shown vegetarians to suffer more cases of cancer, allergies, mental disorders and a host of diseases more than meat eaters. My point? There are many factors involved, not just diet! Environment, quality of any food, sleep, exercise, stress management and exposure/elimination of toxins.

  • ..Thanks for all your video presentations ! I watch them, regularly.
    I have undertaken a low carb diet and am losing almost a pound a day, which will surely help my diabetes and copd. Thank you very much for your inspiration. rc

  • Have you guys ever heard of judging a study by not just whether it works, but by whether people do the diet. For example, I heard a critique (I believe by Campbell of Fuhrman) that said he should include people he counseled but that did not follow the diet. That sounds strange. I guess then you're testing both the efficacy of the diet and whether people will follow it based on counseling, but I think, for the people who actually want to follow it, they'd be interested in how well it works – I mean if you actually follow it. I think we can all agree that listening to motivational speeches about exercising isn't going to anything for us if we don't go exercise. I suppose we could measure whether they actually motivate people.

  • Guys, it works. And we can eat as much as we want. We just have to emphasize (or restrict ourselves to) certain foods – unrefined plants. Particularly high nutrient low calorie ones – greens (lettuce, kale, broccoli), non starchy veggies (onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cauliflower), beans, and fruit. And some starchy veggies, whole (intact) grains, And some nuts and seeds. Unlimited fruit! Small amounts of nuts and seeds. We can even have a small amount of animal foods or refined plant foods (less than 10% of total calories – not much – but we don't have to completely give up something, if that's a sticking point). (The 10% isn't necessarily what's best for optimal health or what's maximally ethical, but just an allowance, so we don't get freaked out and not even do what we can.) You can choose how healthy you want to be. I think as healthy as possible is a good choice, but even eating 50% of your calories from whole plant foods should cut your heart disease, cancer, and dieabetes progression in half. And that's very significant. Obviously 90% sounds much better, but if it's a choice between 50% (or whatever) and none, go for as much as you can. One thing though, it can actually be easier to give up junk food by giving it up entirely. When you only eat healthful foods, and don't eat addictive junk foods, your taste buds improve, and cravings go away. It's why AA recommends not drinking at all. It's easier. And conversely trying to have a drink once in a while would cause a lot of recovering alcoholics to completely relapse. It's not really a good goal. But, again, if it's a sticking point, shoot for 90%. Don't use, "I can't give up ___" as an excuse to not eat as much healthful foods as you can. In practice, you can eat the healthful ones first, and then if you still want to eat the junk food later. It's like, I'll stay sober today, and if I want to relapse tomorrow, I'll do it then. It gets you through the day. And after a good nights sleep (maybe a meeting or whatever), it might not seem important the next day. Run the gambit, large salad, bean chili, frozen mango blended into a a sorbet – I mean you might be pretty satisfied after a healthful feast. Secondly, if you still eat the junk, you might eat less after stuffing yourself on healthful foods. I think the main thing, more than unhealthful cravings, is simply knowledge and practice. You have to do it for awhile, before you know what to make, and before you get used to it. Watching yourself get leaner, and watching symptoms of diseases go away, and getting off medication, don't exactly hurt motivation, either. Embrace it.

  • Go join any keto or low carb Facebook group. Search A1C. Virtually all of the people on low carb diets for about 3 months or more have also lowered their A1C to non-diabetic numbers. So again, Mr. Greger, why the recommendation for no animal products? Why the dogma?

  • I was having some symptoms luckily my Doc says i don't have Diabetes just slightly high cholesterol. Regardless I changed up my diet and started exercising already feeling better.

  • Last year, our team of doctors at the ICTM helped 17,542 type 2 diabetics end the need for prescription drugs, insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring. This year we are on track to help over 30,000 diabetics achieve "the impossible".

  • Hey everyone, wants to know more about curing diabetes the best results that I have had is called the Diabetes Crusher Tactic (look for it on google) definately the most useful guide i've had.

  • Curious: Did they do low carb veggies, or did they have the 3 servings of whole grains, 3 servings of beans and Fruit? The other question I would have is: when did they eat their food: Spread through the day, in two meals or all at once in one meal?

  • I am living proof that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed. My heaviest recorded weight was 276 lbs. I just now weighed myself, 170.6 lbs. Along the journey of sweating off the pounds I have cured myself of diabetes, high blood pressure and maintain cholesterol levels my physicians are envious of.
    My commitment to riding my bicycle as much as possible, instead of driving a motor vehicle, was a huge factor in my success, but that's another story. I changed my diet as well and in the span of a couple of years was pronounced to be non-diabetic. I haven't tested my blood sugars in years.
    I never used any medication for diabetes.
    Since then I have made more changes, avoid wheat of all kinds, my diet is now primarily (90%+) vegan and I shun processed foods. I have a cooked yummy porridge for breakfast and the rest of my meals tend to be raw salads – made from scratch of course, and fruit, nuts and seeds.
    I do eat other things occasionally, including meat.

  • Dr Greger, I came across your research, work, and care for others an hour ago…. and so grateful!
    May the Lord bless you and keep you! Abundance of blessings!

  • I still have to read, research, read… so much, I am doing everything to help my husband who was diagnosed with T2D, never thought it will come to our home. Well, we work in South Korea, and the Doctor would not speak English, so, after they gave us the whole package who knows what, I am sure the right prescription drugs for taking it twice a day and we were asked to come back in three months. Can you imagine?! Well, the first things we did, we prayed and gave thanks to the LORD for He is Good and all things work together for the good of those who love the LORD! First I came across a video on Diabetes association in the UK. Read a lot…Discovered things I never thought exist… Well, now I pray for all the sick around the world knowing what people are going through. We started eating (myself included) LCHF diet, not exactly a diet but close to that. I do still eat sometimes bagels with cheese for breakfast.
    My husband lost 20 KG since then, did not start any physical exercises yet. When going back to the Endocrinologist after I think two months not three… she was amazed and said (suddenly she spoke English) whatever you do keep doing it, it works. Well, my husband still takes the prescription drugs – twice day -(still we do not know what are they) they put them into separate sealed plastic and you receive them before leaving the hospital We need to go back in a week!!! We monitor the glucose in blood every other day. It is in range of 103-107 (US).
    I just want to thank every one of you who cares and gives their precious time to help those in need. Your work will not go unnoticed. We are thankful!
    So grateful that I came across Dr Andreas, Dr Michael on Twitter, and now your work.
    With gratitude!

  • Excellent video content! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one of a kind product for reversing diabetes minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

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