Reductionism and the Deficiency Mentality


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  • Here's my insight. Plants contain a wide variety of toxins to defend themselves from microorganisms. We can't eat holly berries or poke berries for instance. Look up the manchineel tree if you want to really see toxic fruit. Most animals would die from eating an avocado, and dogs cannot eat chocolate. Even mold is toxic and most likely our paleolithic ancestors ate quite a bit of it. We cultivate plants that are not toxic to humans, but those plants still contain toxins. By chance some of the toxins help to fight microbes that cause human disease. Hormesis is an example of how toxins can be beneficial, at least if the dose is low enough. When we don't eat natural foods our body lacks the toxins that help keep microbes at bay. A lawn needs more than nutrients, it needs weed killer too. Virtually everyone in modern society develops numerous chronic ailments, poor nutrition is part of it, but a lack of beneficial toxins also plays a role. So, for optimal health we need both the nutrients and toxins that come from a natural diet. It's great to know that cherries are good for gout, or the benefits of turmeric, but there is a fundamental reason why plants foods have benefits. We should not look at it just from a nutrition perspective, we also need to consider the benefits of harmless plant toxins. Anyway, if some researcher would like more on this theory I'd be happy to share why I believe this to be true.

  • This is amazing, I love where my nutritional studies have taken me, it's been such a wild ride to the good information and you know it's good information when you apply it. I'm living the benefits. Whole food plant based high carb low fat, eliminated all supplements but the B12.

  • Awesome channel. Can you do a video that summarizes what specific fruits and veggies we should try to consume every day in our diet? There's so much information in these videos it's hard to summarize it all into what a normal day should look like.

  • Just eat your beans and potatoes, drink your water and black coffee, and stop using automobiles. That's all the nutrition and exercise you'll need in order to live and die.

  • I went into a hospital (In Europe) the other day, the canteen was filled with sugar-bomb type foods, the healthiest thing there was a 50 gram packed of raisins, brazil and peanuts. The "Sugar free" section contained salted peanuts.

    If you can't even get the centres of public health to stock healthy food, what fucking chance do you have for the rest of the world?

  • The fact that smoking is high on that list should make you wonder what other everyday catastrophic consumer products are just waiting to be discovered. Research that.

  • Food industries and pharmaceutical company thrive in reductionism concept. We as consumers must have a knowledge what form of nutrition we need, not only trust on what the ads or medical people recommend or suggest. I agree that plant based whole food diet is what human need.

  • At Mor's Nutrition & More we offer multifaceted Nutritional Consultation Services, focused on improving overall healthy lifestyle choices to high performing, high stress individuals including executives, athletes and health challenged individuals.

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  • At Mor's Nutrition & More we offer multifaceted Nutritional Consultation Services, focused on improving overall healthy lifestyle choices to high performing, high stress individuals including executives, athletes and health challenged individuals.

    (22311 Stevens Creek Blvd,Cupertino, CA
    +1 408-966-4972)

  • I eat a vegan, mostly whole-food diet and have done for over 2 years now. However, I have recently been diagnosed with IBS (really bad IBS!). I've been trying out this FODMAP diet but since doing so I've been experiencing symptoms akin to iron deficiency. Upon further investigation, the FODMAP diet seems to have cut out a huge chunk of iron-rich foods I was getting before. I can't win with the natural approach so have, reluctantly, resorted to supplements 🙁

  • Scurvy is more present then you think, but not ALL scurvy is the same, some got it in "not so" dangerous forms. like bleeding of the gums while brushing, or periodontitis.

  • A reductionist video about reductionism…….. very interesting.
    All of this applies to non-food plants as well. In the search for patentable medicines, as customers, we have lost interest in the abundant medicines at our back door, freely available to those who know how to use them.
    Doctors need to feel unafraid go back to using clinical experience more.
    And Medical schools need to refuse big money from the drug industry, and food industry. It takes away their ability to make independent observations.
    Every clinical case can be learned from, not just studies that can be flawed or purposely skewed for legal and financial purposes. If we rely only on these reductionist studies we will be blown by the wind of whatever agenda is the flavor of the month, which just confuses people.
    Nutrition, and foods, ingredients in cooking, dietary recommendations have become legal terms. We can't let lawyers, politics, propaganda, trade agreements, and mass advertising be the primary influence on our family meal choices.
    We have let these influences break the chain of knowledge passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter.
    Almost every culture had a healthy diet, lifestyle and social cooking style until recently, when culture became defined by industry.
    Industry studies what benefits industry. Mothers study what is best for their child and their budget.
    We have let convenience determine nutrition, and lost the interest in cooking and preparing food in our own kitchens, and sharing that food with family and friends. Have you noticed that most schools have no kitchen anymore? Just rooms where pre-packaged foods are handed out.
    Antibiotics are not food, yet all artificial preservatives are actually classified as antibiotics.
    Paint is not food, yet all artificial food colorings can be used as printer inks.
    Neurotransmitters are not food, yet neurotransmitters are added to food and drinks as sweeteners.
    Addictive substances are drugs, not food, yet we allow addictive substances to be called flavor enhancers.
    It's legally ok to completely tear apart every food into its constituent parts and then put it back together in a different configuration, and still call this by the same name on a package label. But what is legal isn't the same as what is safe and healthy to consume.
    It's legally ok to add known toxins to foods as additives, as long as the dilution is correct. But who wants poison added to their food at all?
    It's legally ok to have pollution contaminants in foods, such as copper, arsenic, DDT, radon, lead and mercury. But don't wait for that to be outlawed before you try to avoid it.

  • Yes! This attitude still very prevalent. No matter how often l say WHOLE FOOD, still there are concerns about sodium (or protein of course) or insistence that oil from olives is better.

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