Reducing Cancer Risk In Meateaters


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  • we have to ask ourselves why is cancer ripe, what do you expect when we are eating foods that are not natural, common sense, most people dont seem to get it, even scientists who i know you would think know better, they know the risks and still eat the food that they know causes problems, if they dont care about themselves how can we ever trust the scientists i know to care about human health,

  • cook your meat in coconut oil and butter, and you have more of in insulating non mutagenic effect of the meats, which is why cooking with the fatty tissues of the skin cause the meat to be less mutagenic and cancer causing. additionally. Steve Jobs died of cancer. He was a strict Vegan his entire life, and for the past several years was utilizing the Ornish Diet.

  • Not if you want to avoid other problems. Watch this guy's video called "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death". It's the top hit on youtube. Consuming animal products leads to the top 15 causes of death in America

  • And Hitler was a vegetarian. Therefore, if you don't want to end up killing millions of people, make sure to eat your animals!
    Steve Jobs died of cancer because he refused to get treatment. Vegans can still get cancer, but their chances of cancer are MUCH lower than in meat eaters. Their blood actually fights cancer better, while the blood of people who consume animal products promotes cancer growth. Watch this guy's video called "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death".

  • I do not dispute the need for a healthy diet and I think you are mostly correct…however, in this video you claim all these items of chemical levels…but you SELECTED the tests that show your belief only…you failed to talk about the good things meat does for us, or to site finding showing the positive side of meat eating in countless studies. Such as support our large bones, brains, and digestive system with proteins, and enzymes found no where else in any significant numbers. (next)

  • In addition, the cooking of our food aides us in killing harmful bacteria and contaminates found often on meat, veggies and even fruit. Scientists agree that meat was responsible for humans becoming stronger, develop bigger brains, and helped us to survive harsh and dangerous conditions WITHOUT medicines. Life expectancy was shorted due to many many factors not just diet. Our Genetics have changes…to suddenly feed omnivores as if we are herbivores is not wise…would a zookeeper do this?.

  • The real problem in our diets today is simple….Chemical and processing….. not meat, not cooking food, is .Chemicals and additives and GMF are the reason heart and other problems are skyrocketing in our modern world.
    By the way, I did cure my angina with diet, but I never excluded all meat…I simply did high does of C and zinc…and cut our all processed food whenever possible. Lemon and hot pepper drink each morning…and water by the gallons… I am 60 and ready to dance.!

  • Please skip this comment if you choose to not eat animal flesh.  That is great.  This is about misconceptions of the term "BBQ" as used in this video.

    Rejoice in the BBQ!  (If you choose to eat meat).  Point of order, you grouped "BBQ" with "grilling" and it's not the same thing.  It's far from it.

    True that many folks don't understand the difference and "grill" on the "BBQ".  BUT that "BBQing" meat is LOW and SLOW.  Hours of cooking at 200-240 degrees until the perfect doneness and flavor is acheived.  Poultry takes 3-5 hours, Ribs 4-6 hours, shoulders and briskets 8-14 hours or more.  

    Very much of the fats are drained away in the process.  The heat source is usually away from the meat such that drippings do NOT burn and create the compounds found in direct grilling.   When the smoke is added it is from wood alone, no meat drips and only thin blue smoke.*

    *This is the source of natural nitrates which is the chemical class used to make hot-dogs and bologna pink at the supermarket. 

    If one is going to eat meat.  Eat the good stuff.  Well-made and fresh BBQ is a fantastic culinary treat.  I cook 40 pounds for the 4th of July family gathering every year. 

    Also, smoke-cooked veggies and fruit can be wonderful.  Especially the pineapple!

    Be glad to entertain comments, but will ignore trollish "don't eat meat" ones.  This is about BBQ.

  • All these terrible ignorant comments by meat eaters and angry people, why watch his videos?  you know what he is about, so what is the problem?  You all sound so uneducated, so annoying. go to a meat eaters site or something.

  • My grandfather is a certified meat eater, he died at 80. He has lots of cows, pigs, chicken and eggs. He butchered them every week. Imagine the stock of meat he has this was the time when there was no fridge, they only use vinegar and salt to preserve the meat. All the animals eat natural food, all the cows are grass fed, no vaccines, no vitamins and other BS. You can say that he never runs out of meat. He eat meat on a daily basis, He use the fat of pig for cooking oil, pig fat cooking oil has been their oil on that rural area since 1800s. I also have a grand mother still living, now 86. He eat normal food, of course mostly meat. She got injured, she can no longer walk properly, and with bad hearing. Who wants to reach 86 and be like that?? With all these advancement in poultry and science, I feel that I can no longer replicate my ancestors.

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