Raw Veggies Versus Cooked for Heart Disease


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  • There are no super-foods – eat a wide variety of minimally processed starches, fruits and veggies.
    Advertising works – the number of people I work with who chase fads of not using margarine but instead pour olive oil onto sandwiches or who drink red wine because their diet of junk food is driving their weight and cholesterol up while their health sinks …. well, there are too many of these people around me and I must not be good at advertising!

  • Dr McDougall made it clear – we all have a certain type/metabolism – but it's all just a basic equation of calories in and calories expended. Restriction diets fail 99% of the time – so that means reducing the caloric density of foods – adding fiber! Eat whole foods, focus on minimally processed starches and lots of veggies, cut the fats and processed foods and the weight will come down. Cut all HFCF and sugar/fruit drinks from the diet – drink water.

  • Your body burns a lot of calories just living (roughly 100W and 200W when exercising hard); and more if you're physically exercising – weight lifting is not exercising hard. Even "cardio" is much – trying manual labour, hiking or bike touring for 6+h/day … However, increasing muscle mass increases base metabolism. However, if you're still living on a junk food diet then you're clogging your arteries and setting yourself up for more disease and an earlier death.

  • Well but there are thousands of phytonutrients in veggies, and just looking at one or 2 doenst create. Bigger picture.. That's like taking a vitamin pill with 10 indri gents. Therefore: is a cooked food even a whole food?

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