Raw Food Nutrient Absorption


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  • he only speaks of tomatoes and lycopene. There are plenty of other vegetables that are more nutritious raw, and many more nutrients than lycopene to account for. And as for lycopene we may asborb more when cooked but there's more available to be absorbed when raw because some of it is destroyed.

  • Who determines how much of any phytochemical is ideal? Greater bioavailability of a particular substance makes it neither necessary nor beneficial for the human body, especially if it's at the cost of other elements. Fragmented thinking and a lack of reverence for the 99% of Life that the human mind cannot understand is why the medical industry is so challenged. Much of the nutrition that we consume isn't directly used by the human body, but further processed by our essential digestive/intestinal microbes. Our intestinal microbes consume much of the enzymes, phytochemicals, cellulose, etc. in raw vegetables and fruits and produce vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. that lend to optimal health and longevity.

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