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  • Yes Raw Food Community is definitively full of shit. They talk about 'enzymes' like some sort of God and have this ridiculously nostalgic and sentimental view of 'nature'.

  • Instead of asking why we get a FEW more of the THOUSANDS of MICRO-NUTRIENTS – we SHOULD be asking… Why are we LOSING SO MANY OF THE OTHER MICRO-NUTRIENTS!?!?!?! Why are we LOSING ONE HALF of the BIOLOGICAL VALUE of the PROTEIN?!?!?! Why are we LOSING 30-70% of the Vitamins?!?!?! Why are we LOSING UP to 40% of the Minerals?!?!?! Why are we LOSING 100% of the Enzymes?!?!?! Why are we LOSING 100% of the Biophotons?!?!?! Why are we CARAMELIZING the CARBOHYDRATES and creating CARCINOGENIC Substances known as Acrylamides?!?!?! WHY DO WE ASK THE WRONG QUESTIONS?!?!?! WHY DO WE RATIONALIZE our RAPACITY, especially when it comes to something we want to Eat?!?!?!

  • Dr.Gregor I need your help. I developed Acute Pancreatitis being Vegan. I am not blaming Veganism at all. I noticed this last weekend that I eat more processed vegan with gluten and I ended up in the E.R. I am extremely active athletic vegan that Normally eats HCLF and half to 3/4th raw and a whole gluten free grain with beans.The E.R. put me on a detox diet which I made Vegan. I have eaten Raw vegan all day HCLF and I feel amazing! They took my cholesterol and Tris since I haven't had them tested in 3 years and back then they were normal. Can you help me?

  • Dr. Virginia Vetrano writes about an authority who contends that irritation from putting extremely hot foods into the stomach, can cause cancer. Dr. Vetrano also writes that "Heating any food, destroys much of its vitamin, mineral, and protein content and poisonous inorganic acids are formed. The all uncooked diet is most healthful."

    Marilyn Willison, of Hippocrates Health Institute, writes, "We should not cook our food. During this apparently harmless process, vital enzymes are destroyed, proteins are coagulated (making them difficult to assimilate), vitamins are mostly destroyed with the remainder changing into forms that are difficult for the body to utilize, pesticides are restructured into even more toxic compounds, valuable oxygen is lost, and free radicals are produced.

    According to Viktoras Kulvinskas, nutrient losses can be as high as 80% or more. Other studies suggest that cooked proteins (coagulated) are up to 50% less likely to be utilized by the body."

    Dr. Francis M. PottengerJr., wrote about his experiments with 900 cats over a period of ten years. Pottenger fed some of the test cats raw meat and other test cats, he fed cooked meats. Pottenger wrote, "Cooked meat fed cats were irritable. The females were dangerous to handle, occasionally biting the keeper…" The cooked meat fed cats suffered with "pneumonia, empyema, diarrhea, osteomyelitis, cardiac lesions, hyperopia and myopia (eye diseases), thyroid diseases, nephritis, orchitis, oophoritis (ovarian inflammation), arthritis and many other degenerative diseases."

    No cooked food is benign. Cooked foods act malignantly by exhausting your bodily energies, inhibiting your healing, and decreasing your alertness, efficiency and productivity.

    Cooked foods suppress the immune system. the heat of cooking destroys vitamins, enzymes, minerals, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and damages fats, making them indigestible. The fatty matter becomes a local irritant. The heat disorganizes the protein structure, leading to deficiency of some of the essential amino acids. The fibrous or woody element of food (cellulose) is changed completely from its natural condition by cooking. When this fibrous element is cooked, it loses its broomlike quality to sweep the alimentary canal clean. The fibrous matter is changed from its natural state to a poison. Raw food has the best balance of water, nutrients and fiber to meet your body's needs.

    Cooking causes the inorganic elements to enter the blood, circulate through the system, settle in the arteries and veins and deaden the nerves. After cooking, the body loses its flexibility, arteries lose their pliability, nerves lose the power of conveying impressions, the spinal cord becomes hardened, the tissues throughout the body contract, and the human being becomes prematurely old. In many cases this matter is deposited in the various joints of the body, causing enlargement of the joints. In other cases, it accumulates as concretions in one or more of the internal organs, finally accumulating around the heart valves.

    Raw foods are easily digested, requiring only 24-36 hours for transit time through the digestive tract, as compared to 40-100 hours for cooked foods. This increases the threat of putrefaction and disease. When you eat cooked carbohydrates, proteins and fats, you are eating numerous mutagenic (carcinogenic) products causes by cooking.

    Dr. Karl Elmer experimented with top athletes in Germany, producing improvement in their performance by changing to a purely raw food diet. Raw food provides you with more strength, energy and stamina.

    On raw foods, the mind (memory and power of concentration) will be clear. You will be more alert, think sharper and more logically.

    Raw foods will not leave you with a tired feeling after the meal. There is a tendency toward sleepiness after a cooked meal. Raw foods require less total sleep and achieve a more restful sleep.

    When we treat foods with thermal fire, we lose up to 97% of the water soluble vitamins (Vitamins B and C) and up to 40% of the lipid soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E and K). We need only one-half the amount of protein in the diet if raw protein foods are eaten rather than protein foods which are cooked. Heating also changes the lipids. These changed fats are incorporated into the cell wall and interfere with the respiration of the cell, causing an increase in cancer and heart disease.

    When grasses are separately covered with fertilizers that are both raw and cooked, the grass grown with the raw fertilizer grows 400% more tonnage over that grown with the same amount per acre of cooked food fertilizer.

    After eating cooked foods, the blood immediately shows an enormous increase of leukocytes of white blood cells-corpuscles. The white blood cells are a first line of defense and are, collectively, popularly called "the immune system". This spontaneous multiplication of white corpuscles always takes place in normal blood immediately after the introduction of any virulent infection or poison into the body since the white corpuscles are the fighting organisms of the blood. There is no multiplication of white corpuscles when uncooked food is eaten. The constant daily fight against the toxic effects of cooked food unnecessarily exhausts the body's strength and vitality, thus causing disease and the modern shortness of life.

    Cooked foods quickly ferment and putrefy in the intestinal tract. On a raw food diet you will experience the elimination of body odor and halitosis. Cooked food causes allergies.

    If you consult the ancient scriptures and sacred writings, you will read that in Eden, people did not eat cooked food with "burning fire". In fact, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian and Hebrew accounts, indicate that people were expelled from Paradise for using fire to cook food. Methuselah, it is contended, because he ate only raw foods, lived to an old age.

    The Bhagavad Gita says, "Pious men eat what the brilliant forces of nature leave over them after the offering. But those ungodly, cooking good food, sin as they eat it." They're speaking of the ill health to the individual, our race and the world caused by fire-cooked food.

    In the Essene Gospel of Peace, a third century Aramaic Essene manuscript, Jesus is described as saying, "Cook not your food with the fire of death, which is the fire that blazed outside you that is hotter than your blood. Cook only with the fire of life," that is, the natural heat of the day. Raw foods are delectable and have more flavor than cooked foods. There is no need to jazz up its flatness with unhealthful additives. These flavor-enhancing additives can irritate your digestive system or over-stimulate other organs. Avoid these harmful additives: sugar, salt, pepper, spices, condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise, dressing and toppings. Hannah Allen wrote, "Raw foods contain live enzymes, which influence digestive efficiency-cooking destroys all enzymes. Moreover, the consumption of raw foods stimulates gastric enzyme secretion, necessary to initiate good digestion. Besides, the more raw foods you eat as your first course, the less cooked foods you will be able to eat. Ideally, we should never cook any foods."

    Arthur M. Baker in "Awakening Our Self Healing Body", writes, "Overly cooked foods literally wreck our body. They deny needed nutrients to the system since heat alters foodstuffs such that they are partially, mostly, or wholly destroyed. Nutrients are coagulated, deaminized, caramelized and rendered inorganic and become toxic and pathogenic in the body."

    Baker adds, "Virulent bacteria find soil in dead food substances only and cannot exist on living cells. Cooked food spoils rapidly, both inside and outside our body, whereas living foods are slow to lose their vital qualities and do not as readily become soil for bacterial decay."

    Professor Edmund Szekeley wrote concerning the Essene scrolls, "Eat nothing, therefore, which a stronger fire than the fire of life has killed… Cook not, neigher mis all things one with another, lest your bowels become as steaming bogs."
    Let nature be your truth and guide, not superficial nay saying.

  • it is not clear to me why a cooked diet have more b12 than a raw. Can nutrition facts help me understand that b12 issue (in this specific case, but also in general)?

  • Warnings, and a guide to a successful and healthy life-long vegan diet:
    A raw vegan diet is not for everyone. My mom is vegan like me but she can't handle raw vegetables (all organic and freshly picked from our garden by the way). Every time she eats raw veggies, she'd get stomach discomfort and she has to take a hot cup of double-strength ginger tea to warm up her stomach in order to make the discomfort to quickly dissipate away. So she always eat cooked veggies with added ginger with each "steaming hot" meals. If you had ever go to a Chinese restaurant, especially in Hong Kong and most Cantonese owned restaurants, almost all of them would add a few slices of ginger in their stir-fried vegetables to counteract the cool effect of the veggies.

    In Chinese Medicine, foods also has an extra dimension to them apart from their antioxidant and nutritional contents that is not known in modern nutritional science but as you'll see later that it provides vital knowledge for you to determine if you're suitable for raw foods or cooked foods as well as what types of plants is more suitable for you. According to Chinese Medicine, most leafy green vegetables and melons (with the exception of Kale and Chinese broccoli) are classed as cool foods, whereas ginger, turmeric, galangal, cinnamon, hot chili peppers, pepper corn, cilantro, garlic, scallion, chives, leek and onions are classed as warm to hot foods, with the hottest being cinnamon, hot chili peppers and pepper corn.

    So according to Chinese Medicine, each meal should have an appropriate ratio of cool and hot foods types, depending on your body condition at a certain time. If you're more sensitive to cool foods, like my mom, then you should not force yourself to eat a raw diet but should eat cooked foods with plenty of gingers and/or other warm/hot foods mentioned above. If you force yourself to go raw when it clearly is not right for you, then you'll get sick very fast. If your body condition at the time is hot, then a raw vegan diet is the most beneficial to you. All this is not just a theory. It is evidence-based medical knowledge that has been known for thousands of years ago in China, and is something to be taken seriously if you are choosing whether you want to go raw vegan or cooked vegan foods.

    Bottom line is that every body can go vegan, but you must know your body type (either cool, neutral or hot) and then eat foods that gives the opposite effect to balance your body condition out. If you're body type is neutral, which most young people are, then you're likely to be handle any kinds of foods without having to balance the warm and cool foods. But once you're in your 70s you're more likely to be either having a cold or hot body type and you will need to choose food types more appropriately in order to enjoy optimum health from the vegan foods you eat.

    Postpartum period for most women tends to be that of a cold body type and hence requires cooked foods with a lot of hot/warm food types included in each meals, such as peppercorn or hot chili pepper and ginger all the way through this period.

    Finally, most elderly in their 80s and 90s tend to lack the ability to generate enough body heat and so eating a cold, raw diet (especially in the middle of winter) is going to be very taxing on the body because the cold foods they eat will force their aging body to crank up all the aging mitochondria in every cells of their body to heat up the cold foods to body temperature. This is very taxing on an elderly body given that they hardly have enough energy devoted to proper digestion, let alone having to supply extra energy to heat the raw foods and drinks up to body temperature.

    According to statistics, more elderly people die during winter and especially in the middle of the night than any other time of year, because that is the coldest hours of the 24 hour cycle. So they basically died from the lack of ability to generate enough body heat to keep adequate blood circulation so that a stroke can happen whilst they are asleep. Hence, the elderly should be served cooked hot foods, not raw, in order for them to conserve as much body heat as possible to prolong their lifespan as much as possible. The "ability" to generate body heat and hence blood flow is called Qi (or Chi) in Chinese Medicine, and elderly people usually has significantly diminishing Qi already. Wherever Qi moves inside the body, blood follows. If Qi gets too weak, blood will likely form clogs and a stroke is inevitable. Qi is the life force that keeps us and every other animals alive. In other words, Qi only exist when we are alive. Once we are dead, Qi no longer exist in the body.

  • You didn't mention the studies about Advanced Glycation End Products, the pro oxidants found heavily in cooked foods that age people rapidly. Look at any of the PCRM doctors compared to raw foodists. It's almost night and day.

  • The question arises: is the increased availability of antioxidants in cooked carrots, for example, what is we needed and that it is not too much? Also, another issue, although the availability of antioxidants has increased, has something changed in carrots, something that has changed with heat treatment, at least, carbohydrates? However, apart from humans, no beings in nature which eats cooked food …
    Sorry for my bad English.

  • And what if a child feeds on legumes sprouts, seeds and walnuts, cereals sprouts, and also eats fruit and drank smoothies with green vegetables? All raw.
    It's unbelievable that it does not achieved the caloric requirements, as well as the requirements for the micronutrients with the food I gave. 100 grams of walnuts, 300-400 grams of soaked grain is not much that could not be eaten? Why can not the smoothie be made from wild green leaves and medicinal herbs? Usual nut has nearly 700 calories per 100 grams and 15 grams of protein, pumpkin seed has about 550 calories and about 20 grams of protein, and all these dense foods contain all the minerals and vitamins, even, perhaps b12, if you have grown it yourself…Et cetera …

  • One of the main reasons I fell in love with Dr Greger was his sing song voice and making all this stuff about nutrition fun and not so serious that actually encouraged me to eat healthier because nutrition can get intense esp. around family members. I wish he would go back to the jokes and his tone of voice he once had

  • Raw food diet can work excellently. Only, you have to get used to sprouting and germinating all manner of seeds. Contrarywise, it should be a combination between cooked and uncooked.

  • no food on earth is better assimilated by cooking. nuts and seeds are the only thing i would consider to be more digestive friendly only due to enzyme inhibitor destruction but this info is absolutely innaccurate if they are sprouted. Weston Price, Howard Loomis, Edward Howell, Royal Lee, Pottenger, Paul Kouchakoff, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Max Gerson, Norman Walker…all Phds and MDs who will gladly show you all of their studies, clients, and science through massive study and experimentation proving that no food on earth is more digestible by cooking, myself and my clients will testifu to the same…denaturation and WBC reaction happens with every single food that is heat treated. Fermentation of raw foods, sprouting, predigestion with raw unheated honey, raw lemon juice, etc are ways to make tougher to digest high cellulose and high enzyme inhibitor foods such as seeds/nuts more digestible…nutribulleting and juicing make foods much more accessible although nutribulleting keeps all fiber intact with the juice which is much more effective to the blood stream and endocrine system, but the only thing that happens with cooking is caustic byproducts, carcinogens, cell wall destruction, and denaturation at the molecular level. Any one of the people above and all indigenous raw food omnivorous cultures on earth will prove this is the case. raw meats raw milk raw cheeses raw butter raw eggs raw fruits raw veggies raw sprouted or fermented nuts/seeds is the perfect state of God's foods. Stop spreading the mainstream scientism lie please, and research these mens' great works. Selene river press historical archives have a treasure trove of info on this.

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