Prunes for Osteoporosis


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  • I really enjoy your videos and articles daily! Even after learning bone mechanisms in my undergraduate a few times your explanation of osteoclasts using ROS to do their function really helps put the picture together better in my head! Thanks for educating even us actively learning the science at a research level 🙂

  • Thank you Dr. Greger – I've included this video in my Bone Health playlist. Not many people look at antioxidant status in relation to bone health, but with research on prunes, melatonin, etc., the science is coming in.

  • just having this convo. with my dad…who thinks that drinking half a gallon a day of cows milk will help with his bone issues…iv try…SERIOUSLY tried explaining thats might the cause of his bone issues to beging with…that there are mountains of evidence form around the world that can back what am saying…but ignorance keeps wining..

  • S.O.S. * I'm a huge fan of Dr. Gerger and and I'm really hoping Dr. Greger or one of his staff can help me out on an important question!! I'm an endurance multisport athlete and I was training for some pretty competitive races doing quite a lot of mileage this year when I developed hip pain diagnosed 9 weeks later (I'm a walk it off, don't go to the doctors kind of a person haha) as a stress fracture in my hip. I've been eating a high carb low fat whole food vegan diet for 2 years and vegetarian for 8 before that. People around me want to blame my diet and obviously I know better but here is my first question. First what is the best response to people saying it is  because of my diet? Second and most important to me right now is what should I be focusing on or adding in in my diet to help heal the bone? The first 9 weeks there was no healing (of course I was still riding on it everyday and walking etc. Basically everything but running because it was too painful) Please help! It is very important to me to avoid surgery to fix this issue and I want to be back to training as soon as possible! Thank you for your time and all the work that you do!

  • Can fruit and vegetables be the solution to so many of the epidemic problems such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, alzheimer's, osteoporosis and so many more? Perhaps in past years… until now. Depleted minerals in farm soils, pesticides, man made processed garbage foods and a medical system where doctors don't have a damn clue regarding nutrition let alone nutritional medicine. It's no longer what you eat it's the quality of what you eat.

  • Maybe I'm going to sound really stupid, but does eating prunes after eating something with dairyproducts in it stabilise the harmful effects of dairy when it comes to bone density? Or are there any compounds found in dairy which still effectively harm bone quality even with prunes?

    Ps. I'm 100% wholefoods plant based, but sure want to give a meaningful advice to people who are consuming dairy.

  • pomegranates are fantastic choice. and dried any fruit i'd not pick. i'd pick a living fruit. it just makes more sense to me.

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