Protein Intake & IGF-1 Production


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  • -0.04 is not the level of soy protein it is the level of IGF-1 when eating soy protein and as shown in the video it went down by 0.04 when eating the soy protein compared to an increase of 0.18 IGF-1 when eating animal proteins. and i don't know what other video you're mentioning but all things in moderation is the best answer i can give to that, but also no 2 things are ever going to stack up as "just as bad as" the other, too many variables to ensure that.

  • I've found a lot of conflicting information about IGF-1 on the web. Some studies say that animal protein raises it, however, other studies say that skim milk, but not meat, raises it. One study even showed a positive association between IGF-1 and citrus fruit. Regardless, vegans have the lowest IGF-1 of any group, so that's one more reason to stay vegan.

  • I just read a study that said we have more IGF-1 in our own saliva than we could get in 100 quarts of milk. And that we only absorb trace amounts when consuming dairy. But people with leaky gut etc could absorb much more. I can't find good info on whether fermented dairy significantly decreases IGF-1

  • if your mouth salivated then your body wants it? huh? people salivate over all kinds of things they should not consume. that's just ridiculous. i mean, if i salivate over donuts every day does that mean my body wants it? no. it means my mind wants it. my body desires to be nourished and treated well with nutrient dense foods, not stuff that is hard on it.

  • That sounds like total bs. If you acknowledge IGF-1 increases cancer growth, then you should also know it just increases growth in general with cancer growth as a unintended side effect. Cancer is not a normal body function. So there is a purpose to it being in the body. A healthy person should have no fear of IGF-1 then.

  • i have to write a research paper on why the aztecs went to such an extent with human sacrifice and cannibalism and several of the people in my grade are going with the reason that protein deficiency may have been a contributing factor. i am citing this video in my research paper so that i can downsize that alleged 'clever' excuse as to why they  ate the victims they sacrificed. i feel incredibly sneaky. 🙂

  •  “GH and IGF levels are both elevated dramatically following exercise”
    “IGF-I in children have been associated with higher IQ”
    “Its deficit can cause hearing loss. Serum level of it also underlies a correlation between short height and reduced hearing abilities particularly around 3–5 years of age, and at age 18 (late puberty).”

  • As a Vegan bodybuilder, this is good news in deed. I don't go crazy on my protein but I do go over. Unless you are taking steroids and gaining 20+ pounds of muscle each year, extreme excess protein is just a waste. I would rather eat more fibrous carbs. It seems that when I do, I can work harder and my muscles look fuller and bigger. Especially beets.

  • Eating polyunsaturated fatty acids, deficit vitamins D and B complex (especially B3), causing cancer. IGF1 is just there to promote growth of those cells, not cause.
    So, if you have cancer, eat only fruits and vegetables, especially those with proteolytic enzimes, since this enzyme promote apoptosis of cancerous cells.
    Much love

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