Prostate vs. Plants


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  • i've been vegan for about 6 years, and up until 8 months ago I ate almost zero fruit. Now, it's about 80% of my diet. 15-20 bananas a day just for starters. As long as fat intake is low (and I mean <10%) the pancreas can operate properly and the high sugar is processed without spiking insulin levels. Sugar gets a bad rap but it's actually sugar+fat which is dangerous. If people weren't consuming so much fat to begin with, that distinction probably would have been discovered decades ago ūüėČ

  • Well my five days of eating vegan will end tomorrow. As far as I can remember it is the longest I have gone without eating animal products. During this time I have watched loads of Doctor Gregor's videos, and most interesting they have been.

    This one in particular on flax seed, has shown what great benefits accrue , from a  cheap easily available product. Which  I will continue to use.

    Dr. Gregor makes no bones about his agenda to promote veganism, I find his videos credible and engaging, Thank-you sir.

  • Oh yeah, flax to treat BHP. That's a joke. If you take a close look at the study you'll find you'd be eating 4 ounces of flax a day to equal the lignan value used in the study. Oh, that would come to a whopping 605 calories from flax a day. I'll take a pass on this one.

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