Prostate vs. a Plant-Based Diet


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  • Of course it would. Eating all those phytosterols would counter testosterone, ergo a reduction of DHT which is the primary cause of BPH. That just means a man is messing with his hormone levels by eating all plants.

  • Among the Seventh Day Adventists, all animal foods are positively associated with prostate cancer:

    "Diet, obesity, and risk of fatal prostate cancer." Snowdon et al.

  • To the guy who says "phytosterols" reduce testosterone- well you are dead wrong. There is not one reputable study that shows this. In fact the most recent reputable ones show that phytosterols are a hormone regulators. Too much of anything and these compounds will regulate them in the body. Do you really believe that eating a ton of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,almonds, spinach (all high in phytosterols) will make you weaker? LOL. Try it for six weeks and tell me that again.

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