Prostate Cancer and Organic Milk vs. Almond Milk


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  • Very little info on milk products like cheese and yougut. I did notice one of the headlines in the video mentioned milk products. I really wish this info was available in a written article rather than video.

  • After watching just a few of these videos, and realizing that eating animal products could be dangerous to your health, then, why are so many people still eating them?  Horrible diseases could be virtually wiped out by stopping, so why isn't this on the 6:00 news and on banners everywhere?  could it be the money, or just what most people want, and not caring about the outcome?

  • Holy cow! (Pardon the pun)! I love this guys work!
    I don't feel he's biased in any shape or form! I mean I support the vegan community, but it's mostly biased. This is a more reliable source.

  • Milk does a body good? What a joke. Don't forget osteoporosis too. If you drink milk, it actually leaches the calcium out of your bones, and makes your bones weak, the opposite of what they advertise. It is just pathetic. I drank milk when I was young. But I didn't know any better.

  • Thank god i learned this information. I bet that my consumption of dairy is wat contributed greatly to my asthma, allergies and nasal polyps. I am unbelievably blessed to have made myself self-aware and reverse society's brainwashing of "milk building healthy bones and muscle" to go vegan overnight and experience health benefits that will increase my longevity and keep me healthy n medication free.

  • LOL Nothing is farther from the truth. Milk is one of the best natural foods that are available to humans – a perfect result of a 200-million years of evolution. Proteins contained in whey have anti-cancerogenic effects, and milk thus serves as one of the best preventive tools against several important cancers – especially against colon, gallbladder and bladder cancer. Only when you separate whey from the rest of milk, you get a high quality protein – casein, contained in curd in cheese. All sources of high-quality proteins support cell growth – including the growth of cancer cells. Particularly when you lie on a couch and the growth of cancer cells is the only cell growth that is taking place in your body. And beware: Heat destroys whey proteins! While pasteurization may be relatively harmless, sterilization destroys them completely. This means that from the view of cancer prevention, sterilized milk is basically a liquid cheese.  

  • I consumed a lot of dairy as a child and until I was 21. Then I went vegan and stayed that way. At about age 44 my doctor noticed a 3 mm nodule. My psa was within normal range. By age 66 I had a 1.5 cm nodule and a psa of 24. Except for the nodule, the prostate is close to normal in size – there is very little of that common condition known has prostatic hypertrophy. Haven't gotten a biopsy but just about all prostate nodules are cance. Apparently it is fairly slow-growing but it could still be a real nasty thing. For the last year or so I've noticed that sexual desire is very little, and that I barely produce any semen at all when I have an orgasm – just a little dribble.

  • I have never seen almond milk in the US which had higher than around seven percent almond content – in Sicily it is up to fifteen percent.  Most almond milks are almond flavoured sugary drinks so read the label!  True almond milk is going to be quite expensive!

  • What about cancer (sarcoma) and kefir made with organic milk? Although kefir is good for the gut flora, is the IGF-1 really bad news for a cancer patient?

  • I appreciate the knowledge that Dr Greger imparts in these videos, much of it is helpful – but also have to conclude that he is not academically impartial. He is vegan/plant based advocate first, and nutritional medical expert second. Consequently one has to regard his "animals:bad, plants:good" approach to all nutritional matters as to be taken with a hefty pinch of salt (reduced sodium of course).

  • Raw milk is different from organic milk bought in the store because it's been pasturized and homogenized – and synthetic vitamins added which makes it into something far far from the milk God intended -research it doc!

  • How different is almond milk from regular milk nutritional value wise? Would I have to compensate for a lack of vitamin from regular milk if I were to swap to almond?

  • all these researchers were made on pasteurized milk! It is the pasteurization that is making the milk bad. raw unpasteurized milk is indeed blessed with essential vitamins, enzymes, good fats, good bacterias, antivirus, anticancer and more. It is pasteurization and that is harming the milk, the humans and the animals. if the caw is grown healthy and clean there is no need to pasteuriz the milk, a simple test can tell that the milk is clean.

  • to be honest i wish if you could visit high school in health or gym class to give this information to the students in class because in health class I ask him a question is vegan diet is good for the body and teacher replied and he say no he say plant food has slow protein , amino acids, minerals and vitamins but the last time I checked plant foods has all of that and he basically vegans weak but I would mention athletes are vegans physically fit and most of them broke the record without steroids just a balance vegan diet

  • The biggest problem is that Fresian (or Holstein they call them in America) cows produce so much milk that they can milk through an entire pregnancy, where in the past this did not occur.  Today dairy cows are all inseminated within 3 months of giving birth, so most of the milk in the supermarket is from a pregnant cows, and high in hormones.  Milk from non pregnant cows, cows that are naturally mated, birth, give milk and then dry up before they are remated again give milk which is low in hormones.  Much lower.  It' not milk as such, just milk from pregnant animals that is the problem.  If the dairy industry stopped milking cows into pregnancy then milk would be a low hormone food. I did not realise how big a difference there was until I started drinking milk from a hobby farm and started testing.

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