Pros and Cons of Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diets for Autism


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  • It's fascinating to hear the narrative of the thought process of a doctor's analysis of studies. Listening to it helps me understand how I can better evaluate studies myself.

  • Eventhough the result is not what i expected, i am relief to know the answer. A lot of times, people only believe what they want to believe. Thank you Dr. Greger and NF team for putting the time and effort to make this a public knowledge 🙏

  • I am not a doc, but my limited understanding of Autism is that there is a pathological manifestation. And if that is true, that any short-term dietary intervention would be insufficient to correct it. It' like getting an oil change when your engine is already has bad bearings. I would suggest backing up and studying the morbidity of autism in breast milk kids vs formula kids, And the impact of the timing of being switched from B to F. The hypothesis is that the longer you delay the switch of B to F, the less impact there will be. Similarly, the longer on F, the longer it will take to reverse the symptoms.

  • I dunno, my son showed remarkable improvement after going GF when he was 3. His daycare was stunned. He suddenly stopped throwing things at other kids, could stand in line quietly, and actually started talking to the other kids. I was shocked when I took him in one morning and he turned to another little boy and said "Good morning, Noah." It took 2 months for me to stop reacting to gluten after I stopped eating it, so it could very well be that a longer study is needed. Still, celiac runs in our family, so maybe that has something to do with it. I had the family go GF because it was making my son and I sick. The autism benefits were just a nice side effect. We haven't noticed a difference since going milk-free more recently, tho. Maybe it affects some kids more than others, or genetics or age plays a role? Dunno.

  • Maybe what can be taken away from this is if parents decide they want to give this GFCF diet a try on their autistic child, they should make sure they substitute with foods that cover for possible deficiencies.

  • Aren't humans only supposed to eat fruit and maybe some raw leafy greens and nothing else? We're not really supposed to eat any grains, beans, nuts, and seeds, and definitely no animal foods. We should really just be eating fruit meals.

  • So, three months[plus the 4-6 week prep phase(why the range?)] is considered sufficient by researchers, in spite of breadth of anecdotal cases suggested one year's minimum dietary intervention to discern effects? I wonder why a longer period was not employed in such a rigorous trial? Cynically, I wonder what excuses mentioning this shortcoming would elicit from researchers . . . TFP!

  • Children raised as VEGANS are perfectly normal, so autistic kids raised vegan should be the same – normal in every bodily function. If diary and meat are NOT NECESSARY for any BODY, why would an autistic BODY need dairy and meat? Raise any one vegan and reap the benefits………

  • But milk- and wheat-free diet is not same as Casein- and Gluten-free diet 🙂 same as lycopene alone is not anti-cancer but tomatoes paste is ( from previous video)

  • Gluten-free may not be enough. Getting rid of the grains entirely may do it. White flour causes mucus, since complex carbohydrates are harder to digest.
    Just eat a lot of fruit and salads. Fruit sugar won't be an issue. Check Dr. Morse for more details. "Open debate on fruit sugar" is a good video by him that explains most of the stuff.

  • Dr Greger, we need your help. The EU just approved a 5 year extension on Monsanto's glyphosate, and people don't understand what this vote means. It's going to be in our food supply, even the water supply. Please, can you discuss the literature on this?

    Yours Truly,

    Concerned EU Citizen

  • Endless equivocation… as usual ….. if science can’t falsify.or prove something, what good is it. In the lack of evidence, Desperate parents will cling to anecdotal reports…

  • I am a 44 yr old female with autism and I personally have had an at least 80% reduction in stimulative behaviors since going fully unprocessed plant based. However, the first several weeks of this new way of eating were so stressful I felt absolutely NO change. Getting used to eating completely new foods, and dealing with the addictive cravings of my old foods was easily enough stress to cause major breakdowns in my behaviors. Around my 4th or 5th month of eating this clean, I began to notice I wasn't stimming AT ALL. **However** when I cheat and eat garbage or when I consume alcohol, the next 3-4 days my stimulative behaviors are OFF THE CHARTS. Head & eye movements mostly, which are incredibly painful phsyically (anyone who lives with autism knows just how painful our stims can be). I would like to add that I was vegan for 3 years before going fully unprocessed, and I did NOT notice an improvement, so removing casein had zero effect for me personally. I do still eat foods with gluten, although in very natural forms of whole grains, and I don't have a problem with it. What causes me to melt down seems to be overly processed junk food or fast food &/or alcohol. Even high end vegan restaurant food causes a change for the worse – the more processed the food though, the greater my consequences. I hope this helps someone.

  • I'm curious if anyone has compared the number of autistic kids born to vegan moms vs the general pop – a fetus spends 9 months getting exposed to everything the mom eats, drinks, smokes – maybe this could explain why 'detoxification' takes a couple of years instead of a couple of months…..I'll have to search to see – maybe Dr. Greger has already cover this topic

  • Celiac disease is caused by the use of glyphosate, and not caused by gluten. Gluten is good for you. Chinese and Japanese eats pure gluten (aka seitan) for thousands of years.

  • Changing diet worked very well for my son. Ten years ago we put him on a strict gluten free casein free diet and saw improvements in a few months.

    Over time we have also gotten rid of artificial food colorings, artificial flavorings, and artificial preservatives, and pesticides. In our home, we avoid artificial perfumes in air fresheners, cleaning supplies and laundry detergents. Yellow dye was the worst offender.

    He's had multiple other interventions over the years. It takes time to heal from diet changes.

    My son was part of early research on Autism, so his case is well documented.

  • As someone with gut problems so bad they were causing hallucinations, I can tell you it took restricting a hell of a lot more than just casein and gluten to fix the problem. And more than a year. I would like to see a study using the AIP diet.

  • im trying the gluten,diary,spinach and soy (exorphine)free diet right now. 3 weeks in. and i feel like stopping with drugs that i took for years. very tired and slow. I do take vit D3, K2, 250 mg magnesium malate, activ forms of B12 with B11 and enough calcium re placers. and im also already taking these supplements for about a year without side effects. so it sure does something to me, not positive yet.

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