Preventing Skin Cancer From the Inside Out


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  • I found this out for myself. Before going Vegan, I would get burnt very quickly. But after becoming Vegan, eating a bit better quality of food, I was able to stay out in the sun way, way longer and if I did get a bit of a burn, it healed quickly.

  • Been spreading this info in my nutrition program – phytochemicals build up in our tissues so that we can be protected and enjoy a little late afternoon nude sunbathing

  • Great work, we love the research. We would like it even more and would share it if you'd stop making those obnoxious noises with your mouth and tone of voice. High projections when making a point is extremely annoying and is a telling sign of someone who sees themselves as better than others and belittles the audience. Just thought we'd point that out. Again great information and research.

  • Calling fruits and vegetables "polypharmacy" is an insult to fruits and vegetables. Unlike drugs, fruits and vegetables have no side effects and are not responsible for killing 100K Americans every year.

  • This explains why I don't get sunburn like I used to! I have eaten 10oz of blue berries and raspberries every morning for the last 5 years! So cool! I had no idea that what we eat and drink can affect our skin so immediately.

  • But what if someone holding a gun to my head and forcing me to drink alcohol on a daily basis? How much blueberry should I consume then to avoid alcohol damage and sun exposure damage to my skin?

  • OH God I absolutely HATE alcohol…….its tastes like shit and destroy your whole body…..there is reason why they call it "the product of decay"       well, in the summer I will stick to my beloved Blueberries ….

  • Misleading title… only thing that was proven in this study was that with higher levels lycopene skins takes longer to get sunburned. Hopefully, you will also make a video about anti-oxidants and their ability to actually speed up cancer progression.

  • I'd love to know Dr Greger's views on sunblock .I believe it was Keele University that did a very interesting independent study on the effects of sunscreen on vitamin D absorption.

    I've never used it on my children ( who are vegan ) we are very sensible in the sun though, and cover up.

  • Dear Dr. Michael Greger, I wanted to write about your presentation and prevention from deadly diseases. Yesterday I bought the book "How Not To Die", every words that I have read so far is jewel to health, something that had always been in our practice from ancient time till modern medicine started damaging our health slowly and silently. Thank you very much for bringing the awareness in general public, and thank you for educating people around the world. You work and efforts are much appreciated, rather no words can appreciate you work and the benefits that you have given to general public. Thank you very much.

  • I'm going to go ahead and take this one with a big grain of salt in my case. While I appreciate all these videos, and they've really helped me make some significant positive changes, with results in my life, I'm not going exposed to the sun unprotected. I'm very fair skinned, and I burn in literally 10 minutes. It's been that way my entire life, and I have memories of blisters across my entire back as a young child, every summer I'd accumulate more freckles, and sunburn so bad my skin turned purple. I was the kid at the pool wearing a t-shirt because I was allergic to the PABA additives at the time. My mother made sure my brothers and me ate very healthy. In the 80's and 90's, processed junk was more expensive than whole foods, so we always ate home-cooked meals, brought lunches to school, lots of fruits and veggies, and a diet very atypical for an American.

    When I was under 18 I noticed my first legion of Actinic Keratosis, and I had never consumed even a drop of alcohol. By the time I was 23 I was taking regular trips to the clinic (military doctor) to get more areas frozen with liquid nitrogen. When I was 27 I had been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma on my right forearm, which was surgically removed. 3 years later I had one removed from my forehead, above my right eyebrow. I currently have several more areas that need to be addressed.

    My point is that no matter how well I eat, sun exposure for me is never smooth sailing.

  • My wife got BCC when she was for years on a proper plant based diet with 90 percent raw especially green leafy veggies (kale, broccolli, spinnach all organic), bluberries every day and no junk vegan food like white flour or any animal food at all. She didn't consume any alcohol in any amounts for many years. Never smoked. And she's got that BCC not somwhere in tropical country but in the UK after spending some time ocasionally 15-20 mins in a park for getting vitamin D. Can you imagine the diet was full of all these anti-cancer turmeric+black pepper, garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, etc….and even alkaline water to keep pH balance which was always 7,5-8. I don't believe anymore that berries can protect. If the skin gets damaged from outside for any reason, berries with antioxidants wouldn't help from inside.

  • Can we have more on women's health issues. I know there's already a whole playlist, but I still think there's more to explore. I'm hoping you can find some research on hormone imbalances, period lengths, PCOS, endometriosis, etc.. I'm sure fertility would also interest a lot of people.

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