Preventing Liver Cancer with Coffee?


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  • I LOVE COFFEE. Thanks, Doc G for confirming what I wanted to hear! PLAIN OLD COFFEE, NOTHING ADDED, NOTHING TAKEN OUT. Every day. Before a long race, and well into an ultra run when things start "hurting", just add more coffee to fire up the brain, improve mood, improve energy and take the edge off the aches! 

  • coffee gives me panic attacks due to so many years of drinking it and developing a reaction to it. I'd rather take my chance with cancer. 
    My husband would drink coffee all day if I let him, but his mood is crazy and he turns into a very mean person after drinking coffee. 
    Criticize me all you want but I think promoting something that gets you addicted and leaves you unable to function properly without it is a poor choice of topic. 

  • it's the same as a doctor prescribing drugs to obese people!! we would rather take something rather than do something to help our health even if the taking something is bad for us too! go vegan!!

  • I think tannic acid that is what you are looking for. Drink lots of it and it tans your liver. If your liver is tanned it absorbs more water and the fat gobules don't bother it so much. We likely consumed a lot of tannic acid as we were evolving. Commercialized foods don't have much of it, so that might be the primary reason we're in trouble. I don't drink coffee but I do drink green tea. I have two gallstones (one in the neck of the gallbladder) that bothered me pretty much every day until I started consuming green tea, lemon juice, and olive oil. The two gallstones might be because I have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I take a break from meat about once a week. I eat what I want now. I'll have pizza one day, KFC the next, and top it off with a couple cheese burgers. It has been 7 months since my last gallbadder attack and I'm just fine, no surgery needed. I told them to f off when they wanted to cut my gallbadder out, glad I did. ** On reflection, I guess that hypothesis falls apart when I consider that alcohol typically has a lot of tannic acid **

  • Well I'm allergic to caffeine and chocolate so I think I'll just not drink alcohol or soft drink or eat dairy meat or eggs and live a healthy vegan diet and hopefully not get liver cancer. I go crazy with coffee.

  • What makes this a little frustrating is that my mother died of liver cancer, but she used to drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day in the morning.  Mind you she also smoked, and put milk in her coffee.  

  • Why do we need more study?  So they can "isolate" something and provide it in "patentable" form?  Eff that, pass me the JAVA!  I prefer to purchase green coffee beans, roast in air-popper, grind with antique crank-machine, brew in press. 

  • majority of the cancer is caused by STRESS & inadequate good sleep. Coffee's caffeine raise cortisol in your body which is the super battery for stress. Too much coffee will make your body acidic, which creates a perfect place for cancer cells to spread. And not to mention coffee interrupts or prevent deep sleep which your body needs for healing during deep sleep. if videos or advertisement tells u coffee is good and increase your mortality… think again.

  • my name is angela my question is I,ll have cirrhosis of the liver and my doctor say I,ll cannot have a transplant of a liver  fatty her says I,ll do not want to die I,m 47 I,ll drink regular sodas a lot and my medicines and my doctor do not want me to drink coffee and sleeping pills please help me

  • Coffee will raise your cortisol level. Cortisol is the main battery for cancer cells and also the reason why your body can't burn fat. so, if u r influenced by the video above, pls think again.

  • It's only a matter of time before the government bans coffee so you can keep using their pills available at a pill popper location near you.

  • We grow coffee in Hawaii. Our Kona coffee is" famous". I roasted and sell coffee because it one of our agricultural crop. I like to know what chemicals responsible for the protective action, since coffee bean is "hotly" roasted so acrylamide is formed. Also caffeine is a botanical pesticide; can't be the protective compound. The great ANTI-OXIDANTS they claim coffee has, that was in the RED CHERRY (polyphenol) of the coffee bean, which was dried up and THROWN AWAY. Dr. Gerger mentioned there are 1,000 compounds, would like to KNOW what they are, and which one has the cancer protective effect, because to my knowledge, knowing caffeine, acrylamide, and polyphenol thrown away, and the ill effect of caffeine on the heart and adrenal gland adenosine and blood vessel in the brain, I don't how drinking coffee is good for you. Georgie, MS, ND

  • Hello, Dr Greger. My aunt has been diagnosed with liver cancer today, we need help. Is there any way to augment her chances of survival?
    Please can someone respond?

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