Preventing Kidney Failure Through Diet


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  • That's not the worst part. The worst part is that there are people who come online and post on websites trying to convince thousands or millions of other people that they should be eating meat. How this is not classified as murder is beyond me. If yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is against the law, but telling hundreds of millions of people to keep eating something that has been overwhelmingly scientifically proven to kill you isn't, this world is in serious trouble.

  • Hey there! Have you heard about – the Australian Kidney Healing Plan (google it)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and that many people who had given up hope got excellent results with it. 

  • What if you have damaged kidneys from uti, leaking protein, and high bp lowered with meds, but so far no signs of damage to rest of system. Are they any specific foods or programme you recommend to prevent further damage and specifically reduce proteinuria?

  • So many things related to clogged arteries, it's pretty amazing.  Kidneys, lower back, heart, brain, sexual organs, legs, hearing, eyesight, and the list goes on.  I'm just hoping I haven't jumped on the vegan band wagon too late.  I was experiencing a lot of these issues.  I hear it takes about 5 years for them to be reversed although they start to correct themselves within just 1 week.  The body is an amazing thing if you just give it half a chance.

  • I love the way he concludes his arguments with the word "may" to support his views. The word "may" is not the same as "definitely" when it comes to cold hard scientific facts. This guy is heavily biased in his views and cherry picks his research to support his opinions. There is as much research that exactly comes to the opposite conclusions regarding kidney health. Impaired detoxification pathways are the main reasons for kidney failure regardless of wether you consume animal products or not. Of course like in all things balance is key. Consuming too much of anything will cause health problems regardless of wether you consume animal products or not.

  • Another cruciferous vegetable, cauliflower is high in vitamin C and a good source of folate and fiber. It’s also packed full of indoles, glucosinolates and thiocyanates—compounds that help the liver neutralize toxic substances that could damage cell membranes and DNA.

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