Preventing Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress With Watercress


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  • Here in England almost all our watercress is grown in Hampshire using fresh water from chalk streams. Fresh packed, it usually arrives at a supermarket withing 24 hours of harvesting (the fresher the better!). Its an ecologically sustainable crop here too – even growing in the middle of the English winter. Just serve with some cracked black pepper, lime juice and finely diced cucumber. Delicious!

  • Here on Vancouver Island BC Canada we have a similar climate but It is very hard to get any watercress period, let alone locally grown. We have something similar that grows wild in the ditches, and have seen some of our Asian population picking it but something tells me it's not organic. LOL!

  • Jah loved that line Dr… "Watercress … the Bad ass of broccoli!
    I blended some dandelion and spinach with cocunut milk in my vitamix that's what was on hand and hella sore so needed some green antioxidants. Im going to keep an eye out for watercress. Good looking out, thanks Doc for the research and videos you create. Keeping it natural. What is your view on sprouted brown rice and the benefit of the gaba it contains?

  • Fruits, especially berries and water rich fruits such as oranges. Butternut squash. Any dark leafy or lettuce greens. Root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes.

  • Finally studies that show what I've been hearing that marathon running is bad for you even though many people have died during marathons.

    I guess a serving of Hibiscus tea before a workout would be a good idea then too. I saw that video where it's anti-oxidant power was vastly greater than even matcha tea.

  • Oh yes! Just went out picking yesterday and am going out again today. Love blackberry season. So far I don't look like I've been mauled by a bear but maybe when I'm done today I will.

  • This may be a dumb question but why do carnivore animals eat from the animal kingdom and appear to live out normal lives for their species? Or are humans programmed to eat plant based foods? If so, what does that say about our evolutionary ancestors that were known be be hunters and wool gatherers?

  • Im 44, i juice daily and watercress daily. I feel souch better. I sleep deep, have strong erections, get a better pump in the gym. Im liking it. I juice half a bag a day, it gives me just a few ounces. Dropp in some granny apples, lemon, chunck of ginger, maybe even a kale leaf or two.

    Pound it down, feel it going through you blood. Amazing.

  • The coaches to the spartan athletes fed the athletes watercress daily. The reason they found watercress decreased recovery time and increased indurance.

    It was a heavy peice of circular bread, slathered on a heavy butter topped with yogurt and a piles of watercress.

    I also find that when i juice a few ounces into 6 granny apples my leg endurance is directly effected while riding my bike.

    So i started reading about it. Then i gave my finding to some male coworkers to verify when being intimate with thier wives.

    The next day they aproached me and were very exited and said wow unbeleivable. They were speaking anout the intamacy.

    So it wasnt just me, its having a real effect on others also.

  • The more evidence I see on benefits of vegan lifestyle the more I wonder is this info being deliberately undermined Well I'm glad we still have a choice Now let's hope we can always find good old vegan organic non GMO kosher locally grown none toxic fresh food that's reasonably priced

  • Dr Greger you say that taking vitamin C increases oxidative stress. Your statement is in opposition to the research of Dr. Linus Pauling who says that vitamin C is an ANTI-oxidant that is need by the body because our human bodies do not manufacture its own vitamin C. You say that vitamin C has a negative effect upon DNA after exercising. How does that line up with all the millions of people who report taking vitamin C protects them from cold virus and the flu.

    Also, how does your negative statement about vitamin C stack up against all of the therapeutic work that Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD has done with high dosages of vitamin C to cure people of all sorts of bacterial and viral infections. Have you read his recent book, "Curing The Incurable – Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins".

    Anybody who is interested in the research that Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, cardiologist has done with vitamin C can copy and paste his name on YouTube and watch many of his lectures on the benefits of vitamin C.

  • An excellent video – as usual! I do a lot of running and used to use chocolate milk preparations to get carbs' and protein as a recovery in the 30 minutes after training sessions…given that exercise usually creates oxidative stress and unhealthy free-radicals, could this be substituted with something like almond milk and cacao powder/nibs? This would hopefully tick all the boxes noted above.

  • Does anyone know if one needs to eat vegetables immediately before the workout to get this effect or if I eat a 100% whole plant food diet does it work even coming off from sleep fasting? I often enjoy working out more on an empty stomach but I don't want to miss on this anti oxidant effect.

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