Preventing Brain Loss with B Vitamins?


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  • Dr.Greger you are a saint . One thing why do Vegans need B12 ….please add that to your videos so Meat eaters don't run with it . Btw meat eaters B12 used to come from drinking water but now that source is poisoned from man …Meat actually used to not be terrible for us especially fish but now it is ….anyways only true diet now is Vegan

  • Conclusion: eat animals (no, i'm not talking about junk food way of making animal food), plenty of veggies – at least 4 a day, fruits nuts and seeds in moderation. sprouts and seaweeds here and there.

  • We need to know at least one B-12 supplement that has been independently tested to be safe and to work because we know that many supplements don't even contain the ingredients listed on the bottle.

  • time after time whole food plant based/vegan proves to be the healthiest way to go, I am so glad I saw the light! I am going to age so well! people already say I look ten years younger than I actually am!

  • I notice in both trials they were using Folic Acid and not Folate,
    in your video 'Can Folic Acid Be Harmful?' you describe how Folic Acid supplementation can be detremental to health,

    Beans and Greens ftw 🙂

  • Dr. G another home run with this video, great work!!! Question though, how 'fast' do b12 levels drop? I ask because I have head some say that it can be 'stored for 7 years in the body' and stuff . . . however I stopped supplementing for two weeks before my blood test (usually taking at least 1000mcg methylcobalamin a week) and my level came out to be 204 pg/mL. . . . in the past it has been over 1000, when I was supplementing like twice a day with a 1000mcg. Now I am not messing around and just keeping it simple and hitting that b12 every day. Also if you could make a mother video explaining why you do not recommended methylcobalamin but everyone else does, that would be great. Thank!!!

  • In other videos we've seen that fortified foods (i.e. fortified with cyanocobalamin) raises blood b12 levels in tests while failing to dependably reduce functional b12 deficiency, and failing to reduce uMMA.    — We are then told we should just take more of the worthless Cyanocobalamin.

    I not convinced at all that cyanocobalamin can be effective for a majority of people.   Why,  if hydroxocobalamin scavenges cyanide,  complexes with it,  and is then eliminated with it … why would cyanocobalamin then be metabolized — where is the cyanide going?   Why is it ineffective in many cases to reduce uMMA and homo-cysteine ?     ….  Couldn't then the hydroxo-changed-in-vitro to cyanocobalamin,  then  be again metabolized and the cyanide dealt with by other bodily means?     Please this is getting absurd!   Which studies are high-priced lies/decoys and which are true? 

    Unfortunately,  it is so easy to promulgate crap studies… and everyone will run around buying things like chicken with the head cut off… and probably never realize it.
    (So many studies are also hiding what kind of b12 they are using…. worried all about which route of entry,   they forget completely about what substance they are actually using)
    Cyanocobalamin is a dummy b12,  designed to satisfy uncritical people and "newbs" … "yeah,  the (fake)gold is in the pantry"  she says,  while she grabs the bag with the (real) gold and hops a flight out of town. 

    Methylcobalamin?   Some people can tolerate all those supplemented methyl groups.. but I could never stand it so far.     …  how much of these additional Methyl groups can the average consumer ingest without noticing how sickening it is and how it undermines basic mental comfort and ability?   

    2 trojan horses:  methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin —- methylcobalamin  is primarily a methyl donor pretending to be just plain old cobalamin b12… (never mind that "methyl" thing — you need to get your b12 right away!) do we really want all those additional methyl groups in our diet… NO.

    Among other problems… note that methyl groups interfere with monoamine oxidase — which can then cause dopamine, nor-epinephrine, and serotonin to accumulate — Is this why people can no longer sleep as much after a few days of taking 2 mg a day of MethylCobalamin?     "oh how wonderful… I have some methylB12 come and kick me in the head every morning at 5am,   and them I'm WIDE awake!  Isn't that wonderful? AND it's so cheap!"

    I might get Alzheimer's ,    so let me get brain damage NOW by ingesting tons of methyl groups.

    Dear Doctors…. please straighten out your understanding of and explanations of b12 and stop pretending about the effectiveness of non-hydroxocobalamin forms of this vitamin.  

    So here's the hard pill to swallow for those who have a serious problem with homo-cysteine, uMMA,  or functional b12 deficiency:

    The only form regarded as an actual medicine is Hydroxocobalamin — on the WHO list of most important medicines to have on hand. The other forms are at best useless for most people,   but often harmful (methyl groups disturbing many body processes).

  • I wonder if anyone here is aware of all the toxic substances that are used in the making of vitamins and particularly B vitamins and/or what the formulas are? I will give you a little hint. It is NOT good. It always helps to know what you are putting in your body and especially if it's on a daily basis.

  • Went to the local Kroger store Thursday night 7/17/2015. They didn't even have a can of peas on the shelves. Legumes are good and good for you but they are taking up less and less shelf space.

  • Dr. Greger, thanks for your videos, they are insightful and important for us concerned and curious about health. I've been a vegetarian for 22 years and recently turned vegan. In accordance with this video vitamin B12 was mentioned as an important supplement in preventing this harmful disease. However, it made me curious as to how often a vegan should take this vitamin (daily, once a week, etc) to receive it's minimal (or maximum) benefit. If you have any suggested literature or advice in relation to this that would be most helpful. Thank you.

  • The more I listen to this channel the more raw vegetables I eat and the less meat I eat. I am down to eating just a few bites of meat every other day. But, I will start taking a B complex vitamin after listening to this video + sublingual vitamin B12 spray sold by NOW vitamin company.

  • redo this video and stick to the facts. cut out cut out of them maybe this maybe that. if vegans have high homocysteine levels that means they had high methionine levels so this crap about just getting the methionine from animal products is just rubbish

  • The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
    B vitamins are among the most popular supplements on the market in the United States. Some, like B6 and B12, are marketed and sold as products that can boost your energy. But a new study shows that using too much vitamin B6 and B12 dramatically increases lung cancer in men, particularly those who smoke.
    PS. If you are vegan as i am … take care…

  • B12 comes With meat.. It's not From meat. It's from bacteria that lives in meat.. and pond water, dirt, etc. All vegans have to do is take a supplement to boost their chances against Alzheimers far beyond what meat eaters can get to.

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