Preventing Alzheimer’s with Lifestyle Changes


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  • unfortunately, most people just want a pill. and if their doctor isn't telling them about prevention, they aren't trying to hear anything else. problem is, most doctors are clueless about this stuff.

  • I agree 100%. The solutions aren't always in the form of a "Pill". There are brain "tricks" now scientifically proven to drastically improve cognitive functions and stimulate and regrow neurons, permanently. Dr. Richard Humphrey just released a recent video about it. You can check it at http: //bit. ly/AlzheiMer3

  • And what causes the fatally damaged neuronal networks that leads to Alzheimer's.. too much sugar and carbs.. no wonder diabetes is a risk factor.. researchers are now calling Alzheimer's type 3 diabetes.. glucose is a very dirty fuel which is constantly damaging the brain until a point is reached where the brain just refuses to use it any more thus causing the disease.. early detection and a change to a more ketogenic diet using MCT oil has been getting good results.. which might be good advice for the rest of us in the prevention of same.. personally I'd recommend Paul Jaminet's version of the LCHF diet/lifestyle…

  • Actually, the production of new neurons can be a completely 'natural' process without any risk of "becoming a different person". Old mice suffering from cognitive decline, when treated with a special telomerase therapy, saw their brain mass increase substantially – and when subjected to a maze that they once knew, but had since forgotten, they could actually remember how to solve the mazes again. That implies that even though new neurons were created, somehow this allowed old memories, thought to have faded with the death of their associated neurons, can actually be brought back with the right procedures.

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