Potassium and Autoimmune Disease


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  • I wonder if that is also true for dogs. Why do domesticated dogs get arthritis? In the wild, they would bring down herbivores and injest raw blood an organ tissue, which would contain more potassium. But we feed our dogs dog food made by cereal companies, or artificial dog food with some meat in it. I wonder if supplementing a dogs diet with potassium could lessen the occurance of arthritis in dogs?

  • I'm 53 and eat mostley raw fruits and vegetable. I follow a low-fat vegan diet. I have never before experienced the health and vitality I do now, and there is still much room for improvement.

  • i'm starting to speculate that smoking pot raises ones potassium levels? Burnt plant matter leaves you with ash, which is potassium? What is weed smoke? Stronger immune system? Anti-inflamation? Treating arthritis and cancer? this sounds eerily similar to health benefits experience with chronice pot use

  • I've had severe psoriasis since the age of 9. I'm now 24. Nothing has been more effective than a low fat raw vegan diet! I've had less inflammation during three weeks of a raw vegan diet than 10+ years of daily coats of topical steroids.

  • they are not as great as you think. when ranked, they are a bit low. i don't know which of his videos ranked potas sources, but it was low relative to other sources. maybe it was in his uprooting the leading causes of death lecture.

  • Pretty much, some days I eat up to 30, was there a point you we're trying to make or just wanted to tell me that? Bananas are a great staple food, especially if you're a distance runner like me, not gonna go run 17 miles on carrot sticks and salads.

  • Instead of making the gargantuan leap to vegetarian diets curing all disease, why not simply note potassium's main role as promoting peristalsis, that is muscle contraction. Supplementation with potassium gluconate does cure muscle cramps and constipation, and excess coughing. What are you going to do when the science points to increased suicide from eating onions and peas?

  • We should not just be eating vegetarian, but vegan because animal products promote the risk of the top 15 causes of death in america. We gain more weight per the same mount of calories from animal products compared to vegetables and animal products encourage cancer growth. Watch this guy's video called "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death".

  • @mrbullydog66 If you or someone you love is suffering from an autoimmune disorder than the information you are about to get are critically important…
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  • Meat is not just survival food KennyLovesFruit.
    Rotten meat is a known and working way to cleanse the body of disease and contamination.
    Meat also allowed us to evolve past the dumb monkeys who only ate leaves and shit.

  • @Donald MacLeay Because you can NOT supplement your way to good health! Supplement only as a last resort. Whole plants nourish, whole plants heal.

    Regarding joint health though, could it be as simple as a matter of of dehydration in some cases?

  • I once saw a chart of foods high in potassium, and apricots in season were WAY higher than bananas. In fact, there were several other foods higher than bananas. Do some research, folks. We need the variety!

  • Vegan !!! Gorillas are vegan !!! (0.001% 馃悳) I'm a vegan !!! 馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵馃槵
    I haven't got cancer… Gorillas don't have any cancer… Curry is my favourite (vegan) !!!

    Terrible cancer, sick and dying.

  • These studies are based upon potassium supplementation. Why are you Dr. Greger so anti potassium supplementation since most of these studies are based upon potassium supplements. Are you against supplements because it doesn't fit your world view of totally whole plant food diet.

  • Yes… but the Cortisol also elevates the BP, reduces the plasma Testosterone, and exacerbates the negative effects of free radicals so… Is the benefit greater compared to the risks?

  • It's impossible paleolithic humans ate so much of those minerals, that's like 24 bananas, or 10 potatoes, imagine a group of 20 humans having to find 200 potatoes EVERY SINGLE DAY! They possibly didn't even eat everyday, let alone got so much potassium, iron and zinc.

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