Plant-Based Treatment for Angina


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  • You are what you eat. Turning vegan saved my life, without a doubt. From bedridden, vomiting blood at my lowest 3ish years ago. To last year learning to ride a bike again, and this year I hope to be able to ride 50km in one day. Building up slowly. I may never walk again properly due to the damage of my joints and bones, however cycling is my freedom and reward for realising Vegan is the future for a healthy planet and population.

  • In my uneducated opinion, I see that inflammation is the root cause of heart disease.  I realize that cholesterol and animal products have very little to do with it and that eliminating the sources of inflammation has everything to do with it.I take serrapeptase regularly.  I cut all grains.  I cut sugar and complex carbohydrates.  I cut canola oil, vegetable oils, and foods that contain these things.  I cook with coconut oil and have a bit of fresh unoxidized extra virgin olive oil once in a great while with all of these having great health effects so far.  Just my .02 cents.

  • So incredible what a plant-based diet can do for your arterial health. I love the study about sedentary vegans' arteries vs. distance runners' arteries. But why not have the best of both worlds? Eat plants, move throughout the day, and reap the benefits.

  • 5:00 i'd be so ashamed of myself if i were part of this insanely stupid and inhuman system. 'oh yeah here have 30 seconds more for your workouts but keep in mind that you're no step closer to healing.' fuck those pills!

  • How about the people who have low HDL and not high total cholesterol ? Are they a special case, or will lowering total cholesterol work for them to? Half the people who have an MI have low HDL, regardless of total cholesterol.

  • These videos are amusing to me, simply because as a vegan I never have to worry about cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, etc. its amusing seeing what people put themselves through, all so they can eat animal products.

  • I had angina in my early 20s. I looked up my symptoms online and I had all of the symptoms of angina, except the pain radiating through left arm and neck. Years later(we can be stupidly stubborn sometimes) I told my medical doctor that and he said without explanation, you don't have angina. I asked him well what would be causing this, do you reckon? He mentioned he'd have to run more tests… which I wasn't willing to do. Anyway, to make a longer story in less words, I was probably prediabetic for years. I swear what I think caused my angina to go away for the most part about a half year or so thereafter was changing my diet to cut out basically all excess sugar unless it is naturally a part of a wholesome food, lowering my carb intake, and eating more healthy fatty foods like walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and almonds, hemp seeds, pecans, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sardines, macadamias(rarely), EVOO, coconut oil, and an occasional avocados. I quit sodas and any sugary drink like Gatorade, even fruit juices(although I'd eat whole fruits some, although not very often). I also switched to stevia and started drinking coffee. I quit cow's milk and switched to unsweetened almond milk. I also started some temporary supps including, but not limited to, CoQ10 and resveratrol. My meat eating habits basically stayed the same. I have eaten at least slightly more vegetables every now and then ever since. I also got away from some other things that had been stressing me for a while, ahem… which probably lowered my blood pressure some. I was prescribed metformin, but I was taking that far from regularly, as I don't like to take any meds unless I have to. I'm a firm believer that excess stress can maybe somehow make you more prone to getting disease, probably through weakening  the immune system somehow. Although stress can be from a lot of different things. What you eat can be adversely affecting you inside even if you're sort of thin and you don't show much change on the outside. Anyway, the main reasons I wanted to share this is because I'm a firm believer that eating a bunch of healthy fats is more beneficial than many of us know and/or would like to think, and also because I firmly believe that excess sugars in our diets may be a bigger culprit to some of our diseases than many of us know or would like to think.

  • @dr greger, if choline is so bad for you what would you recommend as a RDI, the 550mg you find with a quick Google search or much less? (Finding it very hard to get more than 200 on a vegan diet)

  • I had a heart attack 7 years ago. I have been a vegan since that attack. Why? Because I was familiar with Ornish's ideas about saturated fat and a plant based diet. Before that event, I had average value of overall cholesterol, but I had always had low HDL. I also walked for 1.5 hours everyday. However, I started taking niacin to raise up HDL, and it did do that. My HDL was raised up to the highest level it had ever been at , but I noticed I was starting to get a pain in my back between the shoulder blades, and I was starting to get shortness of breath when I walked. My walks were getting shorter and shorter , and I had to stop and rest during the walk. Eventually, I could hardly do anything, and of course, I stopped walking. I went to the local hospital. They did a blood test and told me that I had high levels of Troponin, which indicated I had a possible heart problem. I was taken by ambulance to a larger specialized hospital . The cardiologist put a stent into my LAD artery.
    So you see, I'm not convinced that just looking at total cholesterol is the right approach, because it sure missed my problem. Also, raising HDL anyway you can apparently didn't work for me. I think a plant diet and exercise can help, but I'm very skeptical about any new drug that can raise HDL, especially if you're like me ,and have low HDL but normal cholesterol to begin with. Something else is going on too !

  • Please do a video on intermittent fasting. Is this healthy? Some people preach that you should eat small meals all day others say calorie restrict every second day and others say eat 3 large meals a day… Would this matter if you're following a plant based diet anyway? Apologies if this is a stupid question but it's really confusing and difficult to get a straight answer on nutritional topics

  • I have mild pains from angina from time to time and have decided to go on a 30 day vegan challenge. I hope I make it through it and continue after. This afternoon I dump everything out of my fridge and into the garbage and filled it with plant based diet food. I'm going through this 100%… Thanks for uploading this video!

  • I think I have angina and this video really helps. I'm only 27 so this is all very scary especially since I'm skinny fat (24%), and I've had a poor diet of high salt foods and energy drinks with gym twice a week. 🙁

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