Plant-Based Diets for Improved Mood and Productivity


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  • This is great to hear. I've been a lifelong vegetarian and I've now been vegan for about 3 years. Really started focusing on more whole foods, raw foods, and a high carbohydrate low fat macronutrient ratio about a year ago. I then got depression towards the start of the year. With all the talk of the importance of omega 3 and fats in general for mental health I did start to wonder whether my dietary choices were not the best for me. I think after dropping out of uni and giving myself some time to rest and recover I'm feeling a little better… still not myself though, but perhaps it's just a bit of a quarter-life crisis.

  • I think it'd be really interesting to see the effects of a proper plant based diet and addiction. I was bulimic for years until I found the high carb vegan life and now I don't even get urges. Everyone is sick of me saying a "Vegan diet cures all" but it truly changed and saved my life. (Bulimia is an addictive behaviour imo, but I'd be curious to see if it worked with drugs/alcohol for example)

  • My trusted source has become a emperor with no clothes.hiding behind studies constructed for othere reasons, they make your conclusions moot . Your studies are not that smart

  • I'm serious here, I'm a complete mess (so many factors…but other people mostly – no way ugh); and then again I'm telling you that being a Vegan person for over a decade now did save my life countless times (bf that I ate stuff with eggs, not dairy nor corpses since I was 15). I know it, bc I'm still experiencing torment day in day out (something close to the twilight zone right now)… Yep, I've always been that 'nature boy' – and now add some huge neverending crap from the 'establishment' , mostly coming from your own family – you know, just in order to increase further the… 'you're not normal, you don't belong, at least have something that looks like meat, they're just animals, forget those stupid books bc otherwise you won't fit, you'll be a loser, animals are for kids only, forget about studying things like biology and all that earth conservation nonsense, we're definitely not buying you those books not even for F christmas you better choose something else, no cats or dogs is this house, and don't you dare feeding and playing with the stray ones… You get the picture…
    One day, and I mean one day, I said: fuck you all, I'm bringing that hungry kitten home and others will follow, dogs too; I won't be present when you cook; I'll F pay for my F books; don't ever touch my food; and fuck your money… on n on, just guess the rest. Oh well… They did take my "Peter Pan" away (?)… Then (you woudn't want to know the rest, trust me) sorry there.
    Many thanks for listening, I suppose. Laughter is great, fascinating healing process I believe, and they never took that away from me. I may be a bit crazy though, but isn't that normal? Ahh, VFTW – bc there's no other way c'mon. Cheers 🙂

  • but, carbs turn into glucose, so high carb is improving their depression, because their brain is craving the reward system of glucose sugar, and their body is burning carb for energy, which isnt ideal. Burning fat is ideal for energy and mind power.
    Where is the study of high fat, mid protein, low carb effect on mood? A vegan ketogenic intake seems ideal.

  • I suffered from depression for more than half my life.  Prior to changing my diet to vegetarian (and then vegan) just little over 2 mo. ago I still struggled with it on an on/off fashion, I more or less managed it with supplements, avoiding too much sugar and trying to get enough sleep, but once I made the change I haven't been depressed one single day, nor had any random anxiety feelings that would assault me "out of the blue".  When I think about all I suffered for so long it really makes me mad that I never heard that eating an exclusively plant-based diet could make me free.

  • I have read where scientists do not "fully understand" the connection between vegetarianism and improved mood. The connection is surely an obvious one. The brain is an organ. Blood travels around the brain. Meat is packed with toxins which are carried in the bloodstream to the brain, disrupting normal brain function. A no-brainer….if you will.

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