Plant-Based Diets and Diabetes


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  • The evidence is simply overwhelming. And yet every day I encounter people convinced of the opposite. Almost as though there was some sort of mainstream propaganda to tell them the opposite of the truth.

  • Thanks Dr.Greger another great video but I keep always thinking back to the video that you pointed out that the mortality rate of vegans vs meat eaters is only a difference of 3 years 🙁 …I suppose 3 years on this earth is better than being dead it just seems Vegans should live longer ..I mean at least 10+ years because of the much lower levels of inflammation in the body ??

  • I'm not sure the Doc needed to do a scientific based study of this. Let's use common sense, people who consume too much sugar and artificial sweeteners are going to have more sugar related body malfunctions. It's not rocket science.

  • Bam!  There is it.  I always wondered about eating a little bit of meat with plenty of vegetables.  Now it's clear.  Time to make the slow transition to Vegan.

  • Meanwhile, over at The Guardian today, more praise from the readers for the ketogenic diet; it may be even more popular in the UK than in the States.  Many comments touted the diet's success in treating epilepsy[how this fad from the 20s–which does work short term in some cases–was resurrected by the medical community, I don't know] and diabetes[a new one to me], and a preponderance of these stated categorically that diets high in animal fats are not the human health risk they have been flagged to be.  These comments veered very close to suggesting massive conspiracies against animal products on the part of evil government entities.  It was demoralizing reading:  How can we make headway against such ignorance and intransigence?  Thanks for posting this, Doc.

  • I wish Dr. Greger would approach the health risks of human thyroid function based on a plant based diet, specifically in regard to cruciferous vegetables and peas, beans, nuts etc.

  • I went vegan first for ethical reasons, but now no matter how I feel about the ethical side, I could never go back simply because of the amazing health benefits of being vegan- and the known risks of consuming animal products! It's sad a lot of people never want to give a vegan diet a try because they "feel fine"–I felt "fine" before I was vegan, but now I feel amazing! Vegan diets can do wonders, sad a lot of people are too hooked on their meat and dairy to ever experience it! 

  • Something interesting… the people over at beef magazine came out with 6 reasons to ignore the new documentary "cowspiracy" and one reason is because insulin made from byproducts of the meat industry treats diabetes. There was no mention of a plant-based diet reversing diabetes (Dr. Barnard's work) or overconsumption of meat and diary causing it. Geez.

  • Damn!
    I always thought: "One serving of meet every 2-3 Weeks can't be harmful. That's way to less meet to be bad. To be completely vegan is to extreme."

    Maybe i was wrong 🙂

  • The evidence is mounting on something I have known for years. I even had a girlfriend who was a vegetarian along with me when we were together. After we broke up she went back to eating meat. Within about 12-18 months she had diabetes. After that I looked around and found various pieces of evidence in the occasion medical book or in some TV shows. I tried to tell her, but she wouldn't listen. And she actually became a doctor and still didn't know any better, refused to consider any evidence that didn't come from her medical textbooks.

  • I have been a type 2 diabetic for many years and have been controlling my blood sugars with a low carb vegetarian diet. I tried the low fat vegan diet for a couple of weeks and ate: Homemade low fat vegan chilli with rice, pasta with homemade low fat tomato sauce, homemade lentil and mushroom bake with salad and balsamic vinegar, porridge with almond milk and raspberries and 1/2 tsp stevia, homemade low fat veggie stew with potatoes, stir fries with baked tofu, home made low fat bean burgers with salad and toast and tofu scramble. My blood sugars went through the roof!! So it wasn't a healthy diet for me. I am now back on low carb veggie diet and my blood sugars are back under control!

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  • Guys, The best success that I have ever had was with Ilyanah's Advice (i found it on google) without a doubt the most incredible diabetes cure that I have ever tried.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tried every single weight loss method that was available, but eventually not one of them helped me to lose and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Fenoboci Diet Plan mainly because my friend who told me extraordinary things about it and so far to date I've effectively lost 18 lbs in 4 weeks!

  • I can't understand why even one vegan would get type 2 diabetes ? This makes no sense. They should put an asterisk next to that person indicating their BMI and that they are fat vegans eating junk food. There is no other possibility than them being a lard ass vegan. If you stop all animal products and eat WFPB and exercise moderately the incidence of type 2 should be 0%.

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