Plant-Based Diets and Artery Function


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  • Life expectancy of Chinese and Southeast Asians much less than French, Swiss, and Europeans in general. Thailand and other Southeast Asians other than Japanese have high diabetic rates and higher incidents of stroke. Look at World Health Organization site. A vegan diet, low fat, is not conducive to a longer life. Moderate good fats (nuts, seeds, etc.) and perhaps a little animal fat results in higher life expectancies. A low fat vegan diet results in many deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Must supplement.

  • Hey Dr Greger, did you hear about Dr. Oz trying to say that bananas and carbs can cause lung cancer, lol? I'd like to hear what you think about that.

  • What is actually distressing is when I show this information to people who have decided to eat meat and other animal products, because they want and they can, it doesn't compute in their cognitive dissonance affected brain. It's truly amazing. The evidence is ignored. The immense majority of people out there just do what they want and still can't believe that what they do is wrong, even when studies after studies it's been shown they are wrong. The brain works in mysterious way, I guess!

  • Eddie russet you should introduce into your diet some healthy fats and proteins try adding chia seeds to your breakfast avocado to your dinner and snack on nuts and coconut had the same issue myself you just need to find a balance. I am now 5ft 9 and 10 and a 1/2 stone.

  • In this video (& another video), Dr Greger trashes fish. In the video where a 40 year vegan died, Dr Greger saw the value of the Omega 3 fatty acid that fish has in preventing heart attacks. Maybe he should take back what he said in the older video. Thumbs down on this video.

  • Hi Dr. Greger. I'm vegan and have noticed subtle but worrying ridges on my fingernails over the past few months. What do you think might be causing this and what can I do to help the situation? Many thanks

  • The most empowering fundamental and universal self help health knowledge that I know of is found in the book "The Water of Life" John W. Armstrong. The only road block is cultural indoctrination. Its a test of whether you chose reality or your comfort zone.

  • Everyone should be sharing this video on their FaceBook page or E-mailing the link to their friends, because you can help people to get educated about the health benefits of a vegan diet and help them to avoid surgery, statin drugs, high blood pressure drugs, strokes, heart attacks, and even early death. Be a part of the solution.

  • Last year I developed severe gout on both my hands, I was 325 lbs, and I had poor health. I tried everything from cutting down meat intake to medications non helped. So I needed help and found interesting people talking about veganism and thought I give it a try. I'm 9 months vegan and my health is better my weight decreased and the severe gout is gone. This is awesome info doc and I can use this info to harden my foundation. I am so happy I got a second chance at life, and would love to give back to Mother Nature by respecting all aspects of life such as the planet, the animals and people

  • What do you recommend to be the best amount of fat to intake per day percentage wise? 10% of totally cals? More or Less? I love all your work but have not found this exact number from you .

  • What do you recommend to be the best amount of fat to intake per day percentage wise? 10% of totally cals? More or Less? I love all your work but have not found this exact number from you .

  • Let's see – I eat a whole foods diet – NOT plant based but I do eat fruits and veggies. Recently took an EndoPat test and my atrerial function was EXCELLENT – score was 3.56

  • Can a plant based diet heal or cure arterial/ basal spams? I tend to get an elevated troponin due to these spasms. I’m hoping a plant based diet could ultimately eliminate the need for nitrates.

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