Plant-based Atkins diet


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  • It'd be wonderful if you could post it to this specific video on nutritionfacts. org. This way more people benefit from the response, and I can actually provide you with links (which I can't do on Youtube). Thanks!

  • OK, so how do you get lots of protein and low carbs from plants?? It's hard enough getting enough protein without an excess of carbs.

  • Yeah, right – in my experience the majority of athletes are lean and strong (lots of protein, low carb diets) and most vegetarians I know are skinny-fat and weak. If you are remotely active and work out and got the amount of protein needed purely from a plant diet, you would simply get fat from all the extra carbs you'd be eating. Show me a plant based diet that gives you a 40/40/20% of protein, carbs and fat. Only possible if you supplement with tons of soy protein powder.

  • The Fung study is carefully controlled and as good as nutrition research gets. All of your biomarkers are second-tier. Low carb is never able to lower LDL, which is widely considered the best biomarker for heart disease. High LDL, regardless of particle size, is linked to increased risk for heart disease.

  • I think it's remarkable how the low carbers try to keep people in the dark about Eco-Atkins. The only low carb guru I've heard mention it is Jimmy Moore, who called it a "Vegan Imposter." I think the low carbers care more about defending animal exploitation than they do about promoting carbohydrate restriction.

  • Sorry, but the majority of athletes (ask any Tour de France rider, runner, even football player) eat high carb diets. At least 60 percent of calories coming from carbs. What do cyclists eat during rides? Energy gel made of sugar. What do runners do the night before a race? Carb load.

    An athlete who eats a meal of steak the night before a race, or even a meal of walnuts is going to run out of energy, perform badly and slowly, and maybe even injure themselves.

  • Of course athletes require carbs – for training and competition. They eat enough carbs to supply their energy demands, which are high. But athletes also require muscle (except for long distance runners) and building muscle on a purely plant based diet is simply a lot more difficult. And apart from real athletes, every vegetarian I know, including the producer of these videos, is basically a weed with extremely low muscle mass and most carry more than average body fat.

  • This video ought to be viewed by all members of the plant based community; it has the potential to unite instead of divide our movement; by showing that the real cause of degeneration and disease is the consumption of animal products!  

  • You can't get any more concise than that: Eat animals or their secretions for any length of time…and it kills you.

    I think we have the "ability" to eat animals because we might need to in an emergency–as in, a survival situation. That's just a theory.

  • I'm currently on an eco Atkins diet at the moment, but I use vegan protein powder to get my plant proteins. I don't really understand how plant proteins are better than animal protein given protein is protein. I thought the two were the same.

  • This video points to a low-sugar raw vegan diet as the optimal diet for environmental sustainability, health and longevity. A diet rich in the antioxidants, enzymes, and chlorophyll or raw vegetables, while low in sugars/starches, protein and saturated fats trumps all others. But few people want to hear that "noise." :o)

  • Question: Was it High Fat and High Protein in both cases? If so, that may be a cop-out. I have seen it in many criticisms of "atkins". My interest is in a simply High Fat and Low Carb diet. From what I understand, they are fundamentally different.

  • So, this means Dr. John McDougall's starch-based whole food vegan diet is healthy not because of the high carbohydrate content but simply because it is sourced from vegan whole foods and not from animal foods.

  • Eating lots of soy burgers and soy products? Isnt that as bad as animal products? Sorry Im just wondering how healthy this is, cuz eating loads of vegan burgers sounds like some fun XD

  • Or maybe it's about how meat is prepared, from feeding animals, to frying and oxydizing oil and fat…
    Inspite animal protein is overrated, In vitro 'clean'(of viruses) meat is more probabilistic future than vegan socieity.

  • I went from high carb veg to low carb veg and my RLS has finally gone away…. I'm not ravenously hungry all the time and i just feel so much better. I'm sticking with it.

  • This is a relief for me to hear because I find that I need to eat a certain amount of calories each meal and that it's very hard to get enough calories in on a high carb plant-based diet because the predominantly carbohydrate plant foods are so low in calories that I end up having to eat such a huge amount of food. Whereas with a higher fat plant-based diet it's much easier to get calories in with a much smaller volume of food because the plant foods high in fats (like from avocadoes and nuts) contain a much higher amount of calories.

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