Phytates for the Prevention of Osteoporosis


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  • Phytates in food are already bound to minerals. That is very different than taking pure inositol hexaphosphate as a supplement. Also, foods high in IP-6 are also high in other things e.g. magnesium. I wouldn't recommend taking supplemental IP-6 without first doing more research.

  • well. u must walk. or such, steroids for such and such.. or whatnot. well.. bones recquire load wich cause fractures microfractures in it so the sharp fractures stimulate some cell lines inside to maintain bone density. if u dont have laod at all then bone is lost gradually, to some basal level of bone breakdown and rebuilding, but i think building bones is costly so perhaps no high basal level of bone building. never the less need material.. only it might not be the problem (phosphates, proteins, calcium, magnesium zink vitamin D, are the things i know of recuired by bonegrowth.

  • Question on Phytates: If I soak nuts such as almonds or Brazil nuts will I destroy the phytates? Same with soaking beans before cooking them.  Or do the phytates remain in the nuts and beans?

  • My mother is 50 and has been a vegan for about 8 years and she recently found out that she has osteopenia. Over the past 6 years her bone density has steadily declined. During this time she has consistently taken calcium and vitamin D supplements. Her doctor is recommending she start taking either Boniva or Fosamax in addition to supplements to slow down or improve her bone density and avoid osteoporosis. Do you recommend this if she already has dental problems? Is the chance of her getting jaw osteonecrosis worth it? And if not, is it possible to improve her bone density through diet alone? Thank you for your time.

  • Isn't the issue with phytates in the digestive system rather than in the blood? The issues I'd heard is that phytates can interfere with calcium absorption when a high phytate source and high calcium source are consumed together. Similarly oxalates can do the same thing.

  • WOW!! flat out lying and cherry picking to get your agenda done!!! Who owns you?? Monsanto??? My children and i consumed a high phytate diet for years, due to lack of income, and no not burgers, whole foods, rice, beans etc. Our teeth you can see through and we are always sick, weak and tired. I found the Weston A Price foundation who has literally mountains of historical factual evidence to blow your crap out of the water!! For thousands of years cultures who consumed grains/seeds soaked, fermented and consumed tons of probiotics just to digest them. The coincidence of Americans consuming more non-soaked/fermented phytates than other parts of the world and chronic disease is out for all to see. You should be sued and prosecuted for spreading flat out lies that will literally kill people!!

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