Pharmacists Versus Health Food Store Employees: Who Gives Better Advice?


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  • Common sense shows this study merely proves people should do their own homework on what type of supplements they need. The bottom line is neither pharmacist nor health food store employees know much about what supplements to recommend. (For the most part anyway)

  • Hey,

    Thanks for these videos. I'm pretty shocked to learn about the employee conduct in these stores, given that my experience of working for one has radically departed from what you've related here:

    1)Our staff has been thread-splittingly precise and vigilent about what we're allowed to let a customer walk away believing;
    2) We are forbidden to offer up any definitive 'solutions';
    3) We ALWAYS urge them to seek medical advice, and strongly discourage mere self-diagnosis;

  • 4) Before we even begin to hint at the idea that it would be even slightly helpful to make this-or-that nutritional change or to take this-or-that supplement we,
    a) require the 'patient' to be there, and
    b)we're required to get a full profile of the person's medical and symptomatic background.

  • 5) All of us are encouraged to keep up on the studies, and are routinely trained in with material from Bastyr's nutritional program.

    Anyway, boy are these studies ever eye opening about the norms! Makes me proud of the store I work at; I'm so glad there are exceptions to these general cases. =)

  • Pharmacists send customers to a doctor cause of liability and cause they want to make the docs feel needed and they want more prescriptions to fill. Pharmacies have cheap vitamins, prescriptions are much more lucrative.

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