Paleo Diet Studies Show Benefits


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  • I'm not even paleo but I've also excluded grains from the havoc they cause in my digestion. One of the biggest influencers in the paleo diet, Mark Sisson, states that one of the reason he doesn't include grains is that every time he takes them he feels like purging. I get the same feeling too. I can have sweet potatoes with a meal and I'll be fine, but the same meal with rice and my instinct is to get it out or endure the uncomfortable heavy feeling and slow digestion. Before I noted the difference I thought it was normal. Just because grains are new norm globally it doesn't mean we're are optimised for them(for example carrots are everywhere in the world but it they're a very new addition in the human diet). The longest living people might do even better without them.

    I know that in my mom's village in Karagwe they don't traditionally partake in grains because the readily available foods are plantains, yams etc and they're doing pretty well. You don't know about them because nobody has done a study on them and before modernization(now even my grandma drinks coke with her lunch) I bet they lived in average as long as the Okinawans or even longer.

    Like you said, one of the problems with the paleo diet is its causes higher inflammation levels than a plant based diet because of the meat but they’re spot on a lot of other stuff, I equate it to the Hippocrates Diet. Where they have meat, I have sprouts.

    Also people on a traditional high carb diet depend on sugar for energy, no sugar intake no energy and that doesn’t sound right to me.

  • Do people really not eat beans? I eat them like every single day. And I did that long before I ever started eating vegan. Beans are so yummy XD

  • The moment I heard about your new book, I went to audible to try and find it, I hope the proceeds go to help sustain you and the wonderfully informative content that you create.

    p.s is there any chance of you creating a small, one sitting, digestible video ascertaining to the overall benefits of a plant based diet, like in general… (you know… for all those stubborn family members that you can't help but care about, despite them not caring much about their own nutrition… my family, we had a slight scare with colon cancer about a year ago.<my Dad>…

  • Great video. Years ago I briefly thought of going Paleo before I became Vegan. But I didn't see where that would be too much better than what I was already doing as I have always eaten clean.

  • What these researches show, has been in practice in the Indian sub continent for centuries, for the exception of dairy. More like Vegetarians than vegans, then why is it the diabetic capital of the world? I've read about thrifty genes but that's more of a hypothesis. Can somebody help decipher this? (like the Hispanic paradox video)

  • Trump clothes Now You clearly trolling. You're aware that your comment makes no sense at all. So you can play a silly game of "In Denial and Devils advocate" alone or with someone willing to entertain ignorance because clearly you just have no logic or reasoning behind your thoughts on this subject.

  • Dear Dr Dreger

    1. When you say we should follow a whole food plant diet, does the whole food exclude whole wheat, barley, and rye? How about the various vegan milks? I know these foods are not bad foods but do you think it cuts down on the "package deal" meaning that everytime we eat almond milk we lose the opportunity to eat some almonds

    2. Are the fats on vegan cheeses trans or saturated?
    3. I am a vegan and I see true paleo people embarked on the same boat as the vegans. Meaning they cut on dairy which is important and they promote game meat. Game, meat will be so expensive if it s the only meat available.. if the recommendation is "Eat only game meat" the price of game will skyrocket due to the high demand so in reality this promotes veganism. It would be like the old days when meat was the food of the rich and everyone else will go to a more plant based diet.

  • Are some of the carnists trolling the comment sections being paid?

    Whatever the reason may be they are damn annoying and appear to be working together in many instances. A lot of their comments are copied and pasted, in other words preformulated.

    Its kinda hard for me to believe there would be people so angry about how they were wrong that they would sit around starting arguments with people who do not agree with or live like them. It could be them trying to "convert" people into killing and eating animals, which would be strange in itself, but could be more directed at the audience in an attempt to plant seeds of doubt.

  • hes an idiot. he doesnt even talk about how light affects the way we digest/absorb food. even paleo is bad if you sit inside on a computer all day with blue lights and wifi on. not to mention cold thermogenesis makes you burn fat no matter what you eat so hes really just another food guru, when we need more light gurus.

  • Limitations of the "scientific method;" individual biochemistry; NO one-size fits all.
    Food prepared with LOVE and consumed in a loving atmosphere with gratitude, will have un-measurable therapeutic benefits.

  • U guys r like these paleo diets are bs studies. It's funny because the China study is the worst of all and it's an opinion. Not a study. Ever wonder why tht shit didn't get published🤔just saying

  • i had the greatest opportunity to hear Dr. Greggor speak at an all day Immersion workshop 18 September which in all honesty changed my sitting on the edge, to doing it . I think and know that meeting and seeing and hearing in person Dr. Greggor who does not punch or mince words is as honest and true as he speaks and means and backs up what he says ti be trure. Evn thought i fell that morning accidentally of course nd had some wise lady give me ice paks to put on my bloated left knee and sittingin this church wide eyes and busy tailed, i learned so much that day and would do it again , many times to hear all threer , dr. greggor lead the group. dr. Neal Beanard come wuth the facts and back up scientific evidence as Dr. Greggor brought the facts too and Dr. Furhman who was on live streaming andwho doesnot pull punches spoke too. we all got the message lound and clear if yu ou change the diet to plant based foods you will see thge changes almost immeidately and now two weeks later. i had lost from last time i saw my doc anderson to now. 20lbs came off and already my pre diabetes numbers changed.. im doing for me what i hear others took the step to do for them. and i am feelin blessed i can do for me while i can and am able to make these decisions for me.. Look this over l upside down and inside out and check out where i spendmy very little free time but do go there too. Gitel Widow ==

  • I am at 3 months of 99% (mybe a total of 6 eggs and 100gr of cheese in 3 months, some fish) whole plant nutrition, coming from a high meat (of good quality, grass-fed and fish) and quite enough veggies diet but the difference without diary and meat is huuuge! Not only I resolved various terrible issues due to the low-carb diet that had put me in a state of constant energy is so high and recovery so fast that I can work out 2-3 h almost every day, again, it is not a night/day change, lot of bloating at beginning, still some bloating depending on the kind of food (fact is the variety of veggies I eat increased a lot), some detox crysis come and go but I perceive the amelioration week by week. And it happens that fish, which I liked a lot, starts to smell of death for my taste and the body almost refuses it, definetely asking even more raw fruit/veggies every day, which was not so weeks ago. It seems that the more it detoxes the more it refuses low-nutrient foods (even plants). I prefer not to use labels, don't follow any ethical veganism nor believe in miracle diets, I just listen to my body. You label it

  • Every athlete in the world is eatting eggs, chicken, turkey, beef, fish. Look up Matt Lalonde. He has a PHD in organic chemistry from Harvard. Nothing wrong with eatting animal matter. These plant nuts are fin wrong.

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