Oxidized Cholesterol 27HC May Explain 3 Breast Cancer Mysteries


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  • Cue the Atkins/Paleo/Keto trolls who offer no intelligent debate past opinion. Debate Dr G directly by checking out his YT live QAs and get in early enough to submit your Q/debate and let him rebut it live.

  • How every Dr Greger video plays out:
    – Flash a study that shows a correlation between animal product consumption and a prevalent illness
    – Assume without any evidence that there is a causation
    – Desperately searches for a cause and plucks one out of thin air

    And ta-da
    ! MEAT BAD.

  • 👍 – GREAT VIDEO ! This just goes to show, that everything works together. If you are going to PUSH more cholesterol into a system you have a potential solution to PUSH MORE ANTIOXIDANTS into the system. Kind of like, if you are pushing MORE GAS into a car, if you don't add more AIR to the FUEL, you are going to FLOOD the engine, and it will die .

  • Problems with reducing cholesterol is your brain is made of cholesterol, hormones are made from cholesterol… so why not actually find the root cause maybe look at the enzyme that converts the cholesterol.

  • Dr Gregor is a really good guy but he is something of a dirty cop when it comes to research . If you listen carefully he refers to oxidised cholesterol as being the harmful part. It is widely agreed oxidised cholesterol is very harmful . Cholesterol in food has varying amounts depending on the product Ghee made with butter one of the highest by far. also your noticing say that the body produces a lots of cholesterol which it does. the information betrayed here is done so with the purpose of informing but also encouraging people to eat a plant-based diet , it is not a bad thing but is not an impartial assessment . It is definitely not fake news but you have to be cautious again this was to do with oxidised cholesterol the next step is to think about how much oxidised cholesterol is in specific food groups.

  • My mom passed away from breast cancer when I was 13. Our diet was so high in cholesterol and towards the end I would always cook her eggs because it was the only thing I knew how to cook and thought they were “healthy”. I can’t help but think if only I knew what I know now, maybe I could have saved her.

  • When I first fell off the vegan wagon I started eating eggs and occasional chicken and fish..I later developed cysts in breasts and ovaries as well as muscle wasting and gained weight. It was scary and DEPRESSING! . I've been whole food vegan for almost 2 years since then and free of cysts and in great shape! My mood is always great and I am sure its because of my gut biome. It takes time for improvements but if you stick to your guns on a whole food vegan lifestyle you can't lose! I am vegan for life!

  • Ways to reduce oxidative stress and oxidation. Consume more plant food, eat less carbs, exercise, get enough sleep, and have healthy supportive relationships and a purpose in life. I would also recommend reducing sugar and salt intake. Take green tea everyday. Eat broccoli sprouts, walnuts, and almonds everyday. Take a blueberry smoothie everyday with ground flaxseed powder added. Eat a salad with lunch and dinner. Tomatoes are high in antioxidants. Consume more beans.. kidney beans are #1 in antioxidants. Add mushrooms to your diet.. I suggest taking the 14 mushroom mix powder from mushroomharvest.com everyday (2 tsp). Don't forget to take Vitamin D, B12, and Selenium supplement. These will do for now.

  • I have been doing the research, watching the movies and videos, reading the books, eating the food, losing the weight, lowering my cholesterol and blood sugar, and generally, looking and feeling younger and healthier. And like many vegans, I can't stop telling people about the extraordinary benefits of a PBWF diet, including my wife, who hates me for it, and my parents, who are in their late 70s, on too many medications and would greatly benefit from it. Heck, my cousin is a perfusionist (he works on the heart surgery team), and he laughs at the idea. Clearly, the institutionalized bias makes it difficult to break through, and no one, literally no one, is financially incented to change that institutional bias. (Perhaps that would change with a single payer system.) My question is, how do we effect change beyond our own bodies? I think Nutritionfacts.org does great work, as do many others, but it is spitting into the wind. Should we begin suing doctors for medical malpractice or bringing class action lawsuits against the food companies? Once there is enough scientific evidence, should we not require caution labels on offending products: Warning, this tenderloin is known to cause cancer? Someone needs to be at the epicenter of this battle, and Dr. Greger is well positioned to help lead this charge. If you want to make a real difference, change the economics.

  • Please talk about Glycation. What if the whole "Cholesterol is bad" is mislabeled, and it's really the presence of damage Cholesterol via excess sugar consumption?

  • I had very aggressive cancer 18 years ago and wasn't expected to survive. Maybe the vegan diet explains why I'm still here. They told me to eat lots of protein and eggs but I listened to Dr. McDougall instead.

  • Those of us who eat no animals are on zero cholesterol diets right? I eat no flesh, no eggs, and no dairy. I do consume some organic raw unfiltered honey stolen from local bees but they made it from plants and it is cholesterol free and of course I eat plants and fungi but don't use added oil at home only on rare occasion eating out. I might buy hashbrowns, vegie patties, or some other oil containing junk food maybe once a week tops but not every week. I'd like to do vegan pizza up to once a week if i could afford to splurge. Do any plant foods have or promote cholesterol? I'm just wondering if I did eat vegan junk food one day every week but ate a low fat whole food plant and fungi based no oil diet for six days is it okay to have that oily high fat junk food for one day every week? Or once every other week? Like do we have enough data currently to determine a safe limit for strict vegetarian junk food? I get that none is best but since I'm a pizza addict i need to know how often can i get away with eating one little frozen amys vegan pizza lol

  • I thought that Staten drugs were not always affective. I bet if most people have the choice they would rather take the drug and keep their own crappy diet, just like my one family member who now has Parkinson’s, after taking statins for years and eating very high cholesterol.
    Every day I’m amazed that this information is out there, and no one knows about it! People get mad at me when I tell them. They get mad that there is a cure for the worst diseases! Can you imagine??

  • I'm getting the feeling that these studies are just paid advertisement for statins and junk food. Since eggs are the bad boys, this begs the question how oxidized is the LDL in eggs? Are free-range eggs better than factory eggs? You can take a hundred of these studies, mix them all up, and all they say is don't eat eggs, and go on being 300 pounds and take your statins, and you'll be fine.

  • With all of your background knowledge, I would be very interested in a video about what studies say happens to your body when you go vegan. From a timeline perspective. Like after one week your cholesterol can be cut in half, or after three months your DNA can change. Does anyone else know of any resources like this?

  • Any opinion about this ?
    Rong Y, Chen L, Zhu T, et al. Egg consumption and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke: dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies.

  • Deylan mebrusta – Grains should be thought of as a SURVIVAL food NOT a "health" food. Phytic acid in foods which both legumes AND GRAINS are LOADED with make absorption of nutrients MORE DIFFICULT which is a HUGE disadvantage. Needless to day, everyone know legumes are extremely difficult to digest – EVEN after cooking.

    Why fight it? Humans are frugivores. We have a SENSITIVE G.I. tract and the easiest and best way we can absorb the most nutrients the most easily is to eat a SPECIES APPROPRIATE DIET of RAW FRUIT AND RAW VEGETABLES.

    Sorry but the medical establishment is clueless about health. Any medical doctor should be the first to admit, they learn precious little about health in medical school.

    So Americans who are incapable of critical thinking should do themselves a favor and WAKE UP and look to those who HAVE not only studied health, but have also studied SCIENCE and have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD showing people with so called "incurable [by the medical profession] diseases" how to REVERSE those conditions and restore their robust health if they want to be healed… and stop wasting time with medical doctors who only know how to SUPPRESS problems with drugs (and exacerbate them) and spread inaccurate, incomplete information about food and health..

  • "OXIDIZED" cholesterol is what causes the damage >>> Limit the cholesterol and you limit the number of oxidized damages. Limited damages and your body can cope to heal itself. Severe damages and you reach the tipping point of no return.

    It's like swimming in a pool filled with sharks, but don't worry the sharks are not hungry. You are still better off swimming in a pool with no sharks.

  • Cholesterol is the backbone structure on our cell walls and also for some transportation system in our blood between cells. It is definetely not harmful by just alone itself. By Oxidising cholesterol is completely different thing, my father had a cholesterol problem and he took some many drugs by doctors. And do you know it is bullshit!! Most of drugs in the market are not working, we are making drug companies more richer. So because we believe this, he started a perfect diet and also sport but not like gym its more about fast movements now he can control his cholesterol sorry oxidized cholesterol. I have a great source for this kind of diet and sport, let me know if anybody needs it.

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