Oxalates in Spinach and Kidney Stones Should We Be Concerned?


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  • As you’ll see in the next video, Kidney Stones and Spinach, Chard, and Beet Greens: Don’t Eat Too Much, anyone can overdo the three high-oxalate greens—spinach, beet greens, and swiss chard, so for anyone doing cups of greens a day (as you should!) better to choose any of the other greens, such as kale, collards, or arugula. -NF Team

  • What a shame as I can't find Kale easily here and I enjoy my spinach kiwi and banana smoothie ! First I find out that using 2 tablespoons of cinnamon is two much then this, c'mon!

  • While a diet high in fruits in vegetables reduces kidney stone risks, I still haven't seen a study on whether spinach itself is a risk factor. Spinach has a unique nutrient profile, so I'm wondering if it's a risk factor for kidney stones. To determine this, I believe we'd need a study that is exclusively on spinach, so the data about other plants doesn't interfere with the result of the study on spinach.

  • Beautiful vlog, fabulous information. I'm curious as to whether oxalates are more dangerous for those individual's suffering from autoimmune conditions than they are for the rest of us. Thanks again for all your amazing information.

  • How do you INCREASE the oxalobacter count in your gut? And, does DAIRY consumption with an oxalic acid meal DECREASE the risk of forming calcium oxalate in the blood?

  • i enjoy the style format, it reminds me of micro fiche. remember micro fiche, that was high speed….or slow speed depending on your wrist control. thanks always and you have been a huge part of my diet continually getting cleaner and cleaner-

  • I've only had one kidney stone at 5mm, its still in my kidney, after following a low-oxalate diet and using a Supplement from Sunergetics called "Kidney Cleanse", i've dissolved the stone in my right Kidney by one full mm, so now its at 4mm.

  • Greger's cadence of speaking is annoying AF…also he's cherry-picking here as he always does. Avoiding dietary oxalates is the single, simple, best thing you can do for your health. If anyone like Dr. Greger tries to sugar-coat it and pass the blame over to meat, then you know you're dealing with a liar and a charlatan.

  • The chart that has High at 10mg and Very High 15 to 755mg. The chart you used was misleading and not up to your usual standards.

  • Ahaha this is another point that destroys all the meatards that are crying about oxalates in vegan diets. Turns out they are the ones more likely to get kidney stones among those of us who are not super-absorbers.

  • To eat all your damn green crap is a lottery!! LOL!! Wonder how I have managed to be slim and at good health, soon 70, never enjoyed eating veggies or fruits!! I do however eat kimchi besides my meats and fish!! lol!! You can take your research and stuff it up where its pretty dark….!!!

  • In my N=1 study, I had two oxalate stones in one year, finally realizing the spinach and chard smoothies were fuel for the fire. The match that set it off was dehydration (long runs on hot days). I now substitute kale, and drink copious amounts of water with lemon. Problem solved.

  • I had to adjust after my daily baby spinach smoothie seemed to be causing kidney pain. I switched to super greens, I limit the amount, and I have a little organic cold pressed orange juice to counteract.

  • My story: at 35 I weighed 135 kg. I went on what was basically an Arkins diet without having researched it. Exercised a LOT. Two hrs plus cardio per day. Lost 30 kg in less than a year. Then I got my first stone and it was life changing! So I googled it. Thought it must be the proteine so went back to high carb, moderate fat and proteine but kept the veg high. Regained 5 kg quickly and then slowly kept gaining. About 8 months later I had the second stone! Got scared cuz I thought this might be happening the rest of my life. Decided to keep the standard diet and see how it goes. The docs were clueless and offered literally zero advice outside having more water.

    After another 7 ish months of slow weight gain it happened again. Third friggin stone! And again zero advice/help apart from identifying the stone as calcium oxalate.

    So I researched it myself. Learned about oxalates (and anti nutrients in plants in general).

    I am now 43 and had no more stones since. For me at least it seems very likely that the oxalate is the culprit. I will add however thst if I go zero carb my kidneys don't like it either. Thry don't hutt but I can tell something is going on there. So I have a fistful of blueberries or a small amt of citrus each day since about two years back and that cleared that last bit up.

    To me it seems that the best diet is what our ancestors had and they didn't have any processed meats and very few carbs. And up north here, zero veggies almost. At least it's what works for me.

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